Box Office: Durj And Kaaf Kangana Clash – The Final Result

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The last week of October saw two important releases, Durj and Kaaf Kangana, helmed by two stalwarts of the Pakistani film scene. Much was expected from these projects, for they dealt with themes that were current and in the case of Durj also explored a genre that films in the country typically tend to shun.


To top that, both were coming with their fair share of controversies: Kaaf Kangana’s item song starring Neelam Muneer had many in the industry, as well as the DG ISPR, commenting whereas Durj was in the spotlight for the host of issues it faced with the local censors.

When it comes to the box office outcome of these two films, none of this seemed to have helped much, although in the case of Durj the temporary ban it had to face might actually have slightly improved its final box office tally.

Neelam MuneerKaaf Kangana

The Sami Khan-Eshal Fayyaz starrer opened to weak numbers over its opening weekend, grossing slightly less than 60 lacs. The film has since maintained its run, albeit on lower levels, and tinkered through with some face-saving numbers over its third weekend, earning 0.16 crores. The film has to date grossed about 1.37 crores, according to estimates, and is likely to end its run over the 1.5 crore mark.

  • Week 1: 86 lacs
  • Week 2: 35 lacs
  • Third weekend:16 lacs
  • Total:1.37 crore


DurjThe Shamoon Abbasi directed thriller is now nearing the end of its run. The film earned about 37 lacs over its opening weekend, and its numbers since then have continued to show higher than average weekly declines, with the movie earning about 2 lacs over its third weekend for a grand total of 0.60 crores. This result is not all that bleak given that Durj is essentially an indie-horror project, and the film is likely to recoup its investment courtesy digital and television rights.

  • Week 1: 50 lacs
  • Week 2: 8 lacs
  • Third weekend: 2 lacs
  • Total: 0.60 crore

Final word

To sum up, it seems neither of the two films emerged as a victor following their clash. This Friday will see Hollywood flicks Ford vs. FerrariCharlie’s Angels, and Pakistani release Talash go neck to neck, which we hope would bring good tidings for the box office. Stay tuned to Galaxy Lollywood for the latest on these films and more!

These box office numbers are estimates given by an independent box office tracking site EPK Pakistan.


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