Box Office: Kamli Opens Well, Despite Niche Content

Sarmad Khoosat’s Saba Qamar-Hamza Khawaja starrer Kamli released on June 3rd, and has been touted by many to be one of the best, if not the best, Pakistani films to have graced the big screen. With a plethora of soulful music, and some stellar performances, this is where the box office collection of Kamli stands in just 24 hours.

Box Office Collection: Kamli (Day One)

According to numbers shared by trade analyst, Ali Zain, Kamli, despite its niche content, has amassed 32 lacs on day one, after its release on June 3rd. The solid number can be extrapolated further, hinting at even greater growth on day two, and perhaps, days to follow.

Brief Analysis

Given that this is just the first day collection, all eyes are on Kamli, that has not only performed well for a film that was not as mainstream as the Eid releases, but has also garnered massive positive buzz, with gleaming reviews and immense word-of-mouth activity which can result in audiences flocking to theatres for a watch.

In this day and age of inflation, money matters, but so does exceptional content. Perhaps Kamli is about to set a benchmark that proves this theory – a telling, and intriguing study for filmmakers and audiences alike.

Have you seen the film? What are your thoughts on Kamli? Let us know in the comments.


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