Box Office: Kamli Hits Major Milestone Within Opening Week

The hype created by Sarmad Khoosat’s Kamli has spread in a phenomenal way, with the Saba Qamar-Hamza Khawaja starrer garnering a plethora of praises, while also creating a buzz at the box office.

Kamli: Box Office Collection

The film has amassed the following collection thus far:

Day 1 – Friday: 32 lacs

Day 2 – Saturday: 44 lacs

Day 3 – Sunday: 42 lacs

Day 4 – Monday: 23 lacs

Day 5 – Tuesday: 21 lacs

Day 6 – Wednesday: 22 lacs

Day 7 – Thursday: 21 lacs

Total: 2.05 crores


Given that the Khoosat Films venture has been making waves with immense word-of-mouth buzz, the consistency in the numbers, even on weekdays, hints at sustained interest on part of the audience.

Not only does this come as a refreshing surprise – it also doubles as a benchmark of sorts for all content that is deemed to be niche, showcasing that in a world that is struggling with numerous crises, if one makes content the star of the show, results follow.

What is your take on Kamli and its box office collection? Let us know in the comments.


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