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I am a doctor,a foodie and a traveller. The aroma of Popcorn ,the peculiar sensation of being in a darkened theatre,enjoying a Film, intrigues & gives me a reason to promote Pakistani Cinema. [email protected]

‘Zindagi Tamasha’ bags two international film awards

While not much has been happening on the practical front of Pakistani cinema due to the Coronavirus pandemic, rather encouraging news has surfaced where Pakistan's official submission to 2020's Oscar committee and...

5 promising careers that couldn’t reach their full potential

The Pakistani entertainment industry is an interesting yet equally unforgiving arena, where dreams are created, superstars are born, and many unforgettable stories are given birth. But not all is hunky-dory in this...

PSL 6 has a trilogy of anthems and we’re here for them all!

There is no denying that the Pakistan Super League has become one of the most important events in our calendar and has morphed into a sort of cultural phenomenon for Pakistan in...
Meera in Salakhein

That time when Meera had about 17 outfits in one song

The cinema of the '90s, despite its shortcomings, had its few peculiar yet attractive features that are hardly reproduced in the current new age Pakistani cinema. The fact that films from the...
Neelo Begum

Remembering the Lollywood legend Neelo Begum

Lollywood and its fans are mourning the sad demise of Pakistani cinema's yesteryear star and Lollywood superstar Shaan Shahid's mother, Miss Neelo begum. The news was revealed by Shaan Shahid himself through...

Exclusive: Pakistani films to go to China

Ever since the advent of the new wave of Pakistani cinema, content creators in this blooming industry have been looking to establish their footings in markets other than the local box office....
Chaudhry Movie

‘Chaudhry’ teaser – A primordial ocean?

There has been a severe scarcity of activity at the global cinematic front since the onset of the Covid-19 and Pakistani cinema bears no exception. The release of Chaudhry's teaser trailer seems to...

‘Zindagi Tamasha’ Chosen As Pakistan’s Official Oscar Entry Despite Eligibility Confusion

The year 2020 has been a tumultuous affair for the whole world and the Pakistani film industry is no exception to it. A year that was supposed to be a "make or...

Zee5 Can No Longer Be Subscribed In Pakistan

Following a few months after its launch across 190+ countries, the Indian digital entertainment platform Zee5 had steadily made its presence known not only on its home ground but also in the...

Meera Proves To Be A ‘Real Life Heroine’ At A Press Conference

In the current era of booming social media, there are few stars who possess the same persona both on and off-screen. However, the one star that inarguably exhibits the same kind of...