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Read the coverage stories of the events and happenings from the world of Pakistani cinema.

Tamanna’s Premiere: Exclusive Pictures

The event, apart from the film's highlighted cast and behind the camera team, was attended by numerous known faces of the entertainment fraternity of Pakistan including ace director Syed Noor, Pakistan Idol season 1 winner Zammad Baig, Farhad Humayun of Overload band and many others.

At FiLUMS: Shahzad & Shahzad drew a comparison between old and the new cinema

According to Nawaz, the cinema in Pakistan is changing and its changing fast. The Gandasa culture is over as people needed change and fresh stuff. Like his, more and more films are (Read More)

At FiLUMS: Team ‘Kites Grounded’ talked about the Film, banned Basant festival and following...

The film tells the tale of a kite maker (played by Irfan Khossat) who is losing his passion out of great distress of dying festival of Basant and apathy of society and government as told by the director Murtaza Ali to (Read More)