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LSA 2023

LSA 2023: Here Are the Nominees for The Coveted Awards

The team behind Lux Style Award (LSA) has unveiled an impressive lineup of nominees for their 22nd edition. This highly anticipated annual celebration is set to take place in the bustling city of Karachi,...

Tere Bin 2 vs Khuda Aur Mohabbat 4: Which Should Come First?

Fans of Pakistani drama series made by production duo Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi are eagerly waiting to see which of their favourite shows will make a comeback. After the viewership success of "Khuda...

Is It Time For Pakistani Dramas To Destigmatize Divorce?

In a society where patriarchal values are deeply entrenched, Pakistani dramas have long depicted divorce as a shameful and taboo experience, perpetuating the stigma associated with marital dissolution. However, with a growing number of...

5 Reasons Why ‘Mein’ Lost its Shine Despite a Star-Studded Cast

In the glittering world of Pakistani dramas, where star power often reigns supreme, 'Mein' arrived with much fanfare, boasting a celebrated director, Badar Mehmood, and the talented pen of Zanjabeel Asim Shah. The pairing,...

‘Rawalpindi Express’: Is Umer Aalam Going to Play Sachin Tendulkar?

Umer Aalam - the first winner of ‘Tamasha Ghar’ — a reality-based show aired on ARY last year — will appear on the silver screen in ‘RAWALPINDI EXPRESS’. Aalam will play a role of...

The #MeToo Movement: Hit or Miss in Pakistan?

Actress Faryal Mehmood recently shed light on the significant transformation in the attitudes and behaviors of Pakistani male actors following the global #MeToo movement. In a candid interview on Momin Saqib's show "Had Kar...

Is Mayi Ri’s Shocking Pregnancy Twist Sending the Wrong Message About Child Marriage?

Drama Mayi Ri starring Aina Asif as Annie and Samar Abbas as Faakhir has reached a new breaking point. In the most recently concluded episode 41. We now have the revelation that 15-year-old Annie...

Jaise Aapki Marzi: A Gripping Exploration of Narcissism in Marriage

Pakistani television has always had a knack for delving into the complexities of human relationships, and the recently started drama series, "Jaise Aapki Marzi," is no exception. Produced by Six Sigma Plus, this show...

Hira Mani Confesses: If It Weren’t for Mani, She’d Be a Serial Bride!

In a recent episode of Mazaq Raat, Hira Mani, candidly confessed that if she hadn't tied the knot with her beloved husband Mani, she would have walked down the aisle not once, not twice,...

5 Pakistani Male Actors Who Set the Screen Ablaze as Aggressive Young Men

In the glitzy world of Pakistani TV dramas, there's something undeniably thrilling about watching a character who's always on the edge, whose emotions can erupt like a volcano at any moment. We're talking about...