Long awaited “Devdas” in doldrums

Devdas which was completed almost 3 years back, is now in doldrums and can be delayed further.

Devdas which is made with estimated budget of almost 2 crore Rupees, now needs almost 75 lac Rupees more to be released, which the producer according to reports can’t afford currently.

Movie was supposed to be released last year but due to insufficient post-movie budget and the rush of Indian and Hollywood films in Pakistani cinemas (creating no space for local films) forced producer Nadeem shah to postponed the movie release. And now according to some reports, it can be delayed further as well and release date could be shifted to next year (although chances are very low for this).

Currently we can notice that if a movie gets delayed like Reema Khan’s “Love Mein Gum”, audience starts loosing interest in the movie which can have seriously bad impact on movie’s post release business. Devdas which is categorized as (C+ Graded) movie by “Galaxy Lollywood” is slowly loosing its audience and cinema lovers are now looking for other upcoming movies like “Bol, Bhai Log and Love Gum”, instead of Devdas.

But still the true fans of Devdas are dying to watch the movie although they are very disappointed on almost 2 years’ continuous delay, but are hopeful that movie would finally be released in 2010.

There is no official statement by movie’s producer (Nadeem Shah) yet, on this much delay of the movie, which is creating a kind of curiosity amongst “Devdas” fans.

Besides movie release issue, fans have really appreciated and liked the music of the movie and it has got very positive and encouraging remarks.

Now its all up to the financial situation of movie’s producer, but one thing is confirmed that movies like this one can really help the dying film industry of Pakistan in its revitalization process.

(Article written by Aayan Mirza for PakInfoand Galaxy Lollywood)

Just your average writer/editor based in Karachi, who has the OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) to use commas (Oxford Commas, especially), and edit the heck out of editable pieces.Also, love movies, TV shows more than the movies, and books over everything else.If you find editorial mistakes or have any other feedback over the content of the website, I would appreciate if you email me at: [email protected]


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