Shoaib Mansoor’s Bol not releasing in 2010

This would be the biggest setback for the fans of Lollywood and Shoaib Mansoor’s films, that his second directorial movie “Bol”, which was suppose to be released at the end of November 2010, is now out of the race and not going to be released at least in year 2010.

Although the movie is ready but administration of the Bol’s facebook fan page, which first made the news public, says, movie is delayed due to the so-called grievous conditions of country and now the new date of the movie is January 2011.

News which was first posted on Bol’s Facebook fan page, cannot be said 100% true, but keeping in view the past claims of the page related to movie which were later proven right, we can consider the page a reliable source. Below is the image of post by Bol’s Facebook Fan page where this news was first made public.


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No one currently knows about the future of the movie, but fans and lollywood lovers have responded to this news by and large negatively. Following are five of the selected comments from more than 50 comments, showing fan’s anger over movie’s delay news.

Click on the picture to view in full size. (Names and pictures of fans have been hided in the picture, to keep their privacy alive)

However no one can predict about the future of the movie, but this is a general perception that if a movie gets delayed, then this can have a negative impact on movie’s fan following and business of the movie.

Now if Bol gets delayed there would be only 3 big confirmed movies left, which will release in year 2010, they are: (Love mein Gum, Bhai Log and Son of Pakistan).

This delay of the movie till 2011 will also increase the list of movies to be released next year, and it will then become (Bol, Price of honor, Chup and Daag).

We hope Reema Khan, Faisal Bukhari and Jarrar Rizwi won’t take such decisions and will release their movies on time.

Go to the Facebook page where this news was first posted by clicking here:

(Article written by Aayan Mirza for PakInfo and Galaxy Lollywood)




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