Victim’s blackout from Facebook

Victim was a movie announced earlier this year, to be produced and co-produced by Wajahat Abbas Kazmi, Umar Wahidi and Ehtisham Siddiqui and directed by Aamir Zafar. Humayun Saeed and Meera were casted in film for the lead roles and story was based on post 9/11 situation and atmosphere of the world.

With the announcement of the movie, an official fan page was created on famous social networking site “Facebook”, to keep the fans updated with all the latest happenings and developments of the movie, but it now seems like the authorities have turned down the page as it is not appearing in any of the Facebook search results.

This action by the authorities of the page has raised the eyebrows of the fans and creating doubts in their minds related to the movie.

This sudden turn-down of the page is raising so many doubtful questions, such as, whether the whole project is clapped out? Or the movie has just been postponed for some time? And many others.

The opening of the movie was a grand one, and everything was done in an enthusiastic style which gave a hope and moment of happiness to the fans, that they would be having a great quality movie in the future to enjoy. But this kind of end for such a grand project cannot even be imagined or expected, if it really is the end of it.

But there are some other possibilities as well, such as the replacement of the movie name from “Victim” to something maybe more suitable, or temporarily “Un-publishing” of the page to carry out some editing work in it. But chances of these possibilities are low because, first the administration of the page didn’t announce something like this and secondly these kind of things don’t take so much time to be done.

But surely projects like “Victim”, shouldn’t be stopped because such projects always have a great importance in the film industry of a country and specially when the Industry is passing the hardest ever era of its life.

(Article written by Aayan Mirza for PakInfo and Galaxy Lollywood)


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