Noor in hot waters, again

Film and TV actress Noor, following her separation from her Hindu husband, is once again in hot waters, as conflicts with her new husband of four months, producer/director Farooq Mengal, have started surfacing. 

A case was registered against Mengal in the Defence A police station on Thursday by the actress’s father, Shahid Hussain, who accused the director of threatening his daughter of dire consequences. However, according to sources, Mengal managed to get a pre-arrest bail immediately.

In a statement, the actress said that she had tried her best to carry on with the marriage despite the turmoil. But recently, Noor left her husband’s home and demanded a divorce, citing that relations between the couple had soured. Noor has also filed a suit for dissolution of marriage. It is pertinent to mention here that Noor and Mengal fell in love while working on a drama that was being produced by the latter. Mengal is also accused of murdering his former wife, Afreen Baig.

According to a statement, Noor said it had been agreed between her and her former husband Vikram that he would convert to Islam after marriage, however, he failed to fulfil his promise, which later became the reason for their separation. In 2008, Noor moved back to Lahore and filed for divorce from Vikram.


Via: Daily Times


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