Veena Malik will dance to Sheila ki jawani

Actress Veena  Malik will perform Tees Maar Khan’s popular song Sheila ki jawani for the grand finale of Bigg Boss.

Arrangements for the performance have already been finalised, according to the Pakistani media on Tuesday.

According to a source from the channel that runs the reality show, the decision was taken since Malik is the most suitable contestant in the show to perform the song. Malik’s manager Sohail Rashid added, “She had been very popular during the show. She was nominated seven times to be evicted. But the Indians voted for her six times which means she has a large fan following.”

On the many negative rumours surrounding Malik, Rashid said, “The activities of the contestants onBigg Boss are recorded round the clock and the show’s duration is hardly an hour. So many things are being quoted out of context. She offered prayers in the house but nobody mentioned it. The things that contestants did at the show were part of the game and the show must be taken as a game.”


Via: DNA



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