Shhh! Don’t tell anyone that I am back

Pakistani contestant of Indian reality show ‘Big Boss 4’ Veena Malik is now back at home.

Veena after being evicted just 2 weeks before the finals of the show came back in Pakistan but went again to India to attend the Grand Finale of the show.

Although majority news reports suggest that she is in Pakistan and is avoiding the media appearance in order to avoid the reaction of public but Veena’s spokesperson Suhail Rashid denied all these reports and said she is still in India and has not come back yet, he also told that Veena’s Pakistani ID card, Credit card and other important documents have been lost there in India and now the local police is also involved in finding them.

Veena remained controversial throughout her stay in the show, where she first tried to defame Pakistani Cricketer Muhammad Asif, with whom she was in relationship some years back, talking about him Veena said “I have been through hell; he used to beat me. I have scars all over my legs and body.” She also complained that Asif suffered from multiple personality disorder and had used her. He had her beaten up, threatened at gunpoint, locked up in his house and even slapped her in front of his friends.

The thing that mainly hurt the sentiments of most Pakistanis were her flirty acts and love games she was continuously playing with the male contestants of the show (mainly Ashmit Patel and Hrishant Gowswami).

Not only this, she was even caught drinking alcohol by the camera eye at her co-participant Ashmit Patel’s birthday party on 13th January.

In order to check the public views about her we setted up a poll where we asked the question which is, Should Veena be sorry for what she did in India”, the poll is still on and you can still vote there, but according to the current results 75% votes says: Yes she should be sorry, and only 25% votes suggest that no she should not be sorry for her acts. This suggests us that majority of the public in Pakistan is seriously angry upon her.

Now it is time that will tell us about her future and it would also be interesting to see how she handles the situation.

Update: Veena Malik has denied all the allegations on her regarding drinking alcohol in a birthday party of Indian Actor Ashmit Patel. She in an interview said, “I was drinking juice not alcohol and everyone in the party including me was served with the juice”. She also said that all the news reports on this issue are baseless.

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