Slackistan banned in Pakistan

The long awaited foreign Pakistani film “Slackistan” has been banned from cinema release in Pakistan by the Central Board of Film Censors (CBFC) Pakistan.

The board has directed film director Hammad Khan to make cuts in the film in order to release it in Pakistani cinemas. And even if the cuts are made, the film will still get the clearance only for people 18 and above.

According to the official press release by director of the film Hammad Khan, the CBFC has got main objection on some of the dialogues and scenes in the film.

Board have demanded to remove dialogues on “Osma Bin Laden” & “Taliban”, as well as any mention of Islamic beards and related religious attire. Not only this, term ‘Lesbian’, used in the film has also been asked to remove.

The board have also demanded to remove some of the critical scenes, like the one in which characters are clutching and consuming alcoholic drinks, which in Islam is prohibited and though the culture is practiced, specially in cities like Islamabad but is not widely seen in the country.

Some similar sort of action by CBFC was taken previously as well where Pakistani singer Ali Zafar’s debut film ‘Tere Bin Laden’ was banned to be screened in Pakistani cinemas mainly on the basis of film having ‘Osama Bin Laden’ factor in it, not only this board also had objection on the language of some of its songs and dances on them.

Director of Slackistan, Hammad Khan on this issue in his press release says:

“The censor board’s verdict is oppressive, arbitrary and steeped in denial about life outside their government offices. Maybe the establishment’s view is that young Pakistanis saying words like ‘Taliban’ and ‘Lesbian’ represent a more potent threat than the bullets and bombs that are, day by day, finding increasing legitimacy in the country.”

“Apart from being an undemocratic restriction on the filmmaker’s right of expression, the verdict shows the disdain with which the authorities regard local film culture and liberal ideas, in the face of growing extremism and intolerance.”

The film has got a great applause in many of the reputable international film festivals such as ‘Cannes Film Festival’ and ‘Abu Dhabi Film Festival’ but is unfortunately not releasing in the country where it belongs to.

Though the film has been banned to be screened in cinemas but just like ‘Tere Bin Laden’, its pirated DVDs will also become available for the people in local DVDs & CD shops after sometime due its high demand.


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