Jarrar Rizvi to bring “draculas” in Pakistan

Jarrar Rizvi is regarded as one of the most respectable film directors of Pakistan, film critics collectively believe that Jarrar is one of those very few directors of the country who actually keeps a unique vision for the local film industry.

His creative vision and uniqueness will now be seen in his next project after his just completed film Son of Pakistan is released. The succeeding project of Son of Pakistan is named as Draculas in Pakistan and as the name suggests, the film is going to be based on the topic of “Draculas or Vampires”.

Yes! the news is pretty much true according to some news reports and you will soon see a blast in the film industry of the country in shape of Jarrar Rizvi’s next film.

Though Jarrar hasn’t disclosed the cast of the film or maybe he hasn’t selected any but the script of the film is quite ready and the camera work of the film will start just after the release of SOP.

Picking up the same news “Daily Khabrain” reported,

Jarrar Rizvi is soon going to start his new film with name “Draculas In Pakistn”…, Jarrar while disclosing more facts about the movie said, “I am going to use the HD technology in the film which not only costs less and fulfils the purpose but is also perfectly suitable for such a movie”.

News was in air for quite a few days but as no one was confirming it, so we (Galaxy Lollywood) preferred to keep the news on hold for sometime, but now as it has been confirmed by Daily Khabrain, it has put more authenticity in the news, and if the film really starts after Son of Pakistan‘s release; which is expected somewhere in the months of April or May, then it is quite possible that Jarrar Rizvi will be in position to release his next film in year 2012.


  1. I like jarar’s ideas as he made a remarks saying that indians are also our brothers and sisters we dont need any aitem bumb .he was taking to such tv day .i need your cell number to say thanks to u


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