“Its an honour working with Shaan”: Shamoon Abbasi

We some days back reported about director Bilal Lashari’s upcoming action packed thriller feature film Waar starring Shaan and Shamoon Abbasi, and gave you the information related to its distribution rights which are given to American entertainment company Warner Bros.

Waar is actually a project of ISPR (Inter Service Public Relations) which is an Army organisation that deals with coordinating military information with the civil society and media, and has made a collaboration with Pakistani based entertainment company named “Mindworks Media” for this project, where as it is also heard that Hollywood film producer Hunt Lowry is also a part of the production gang of the film.

ISPR has always played an important role in highlighting the life within the army and importance & sacrifices of it for the country by giving some of the all time super hit dramas like Sunehre Din, Alpha Bravo Charlie and most recently Khuda Zameen Sey gaya Nahin and Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aagay.

Now we have got some other news for you related to the film which is mostly extracted from one of the recent interviews of its cast member ‘Shamoon Abbasi’ who will be seen playing the negative character in it, he disclosed some of the important facts related to the film and expressed his views about the project and the team he is working with.

Talking about the production style of the film Shamoon said, “The way we are working is more closer to Hollywood and has got nothing to do with Lollywood, all the stunts, coordination, acting style, dialogue deliveries and everything of it relates more to the international cinema.”

Whatever Shamoon said, actually means that Waar is a film that will be more closer to the reality, which means the way films are made in Lollywood or even Bollywood, Waar will not relate to that and audience will feel as if they are watching any of the Hollywood movies where everything from sets to acting seems real.

If we are talking about the reality then its also important to mention here that country’s interior minister Rehman Milik is also said to have his part in the movie where he will be seen playing his real life role, however this news is not 100% confirmed and Shamoon repeatedly mentioned in his interview that he has also just heard this news and can’t confirm it, talking about Rehman Malik and his role in the film he said, “we wanted to show that ministry, politics and Army are also involved in it on big level, so Rehman Malik will be seen in his own real life government role in the film, that’s what I have heard but I couldn’t see the scenes so I can’t confirm this but I hope if InshaAllah Rehman Malik is offered  some more roles in future then he should seriously think about that, maybe he would be able to perform much better there”.

Its also worth mentioning here that movie is going to be in English which of course is an international language and that means the makers of the film are targeting the international market as well, and as the story of the movie is somewhat related to the ongoing War against terrorism so it can play a very vital part in telling the international audience that how Pakistan and people living here have suffered in this war and what are the ground realities?

Impressed with the team, Shamoon said “I never saw Bilal in a hurry, everything is done with a relaxing atmosphere by taking required time, What I actually like about Bilal Lashari is that he believed in me and whenever I stand for a scene I am asked for suggestions and I also get so many advices from him too, he let me do what I want to do regarding the scene, we finally we do it with a complete team work where along with director, producer also gets involved, so Dr. Hassan Rana (Producer) and Bilal Lashari are the two brains who are moving the film forward quite nicely and I think I have never seen so much hard work and such a great set-up in any of the Pakistani film before.”

Talking about his co-star ‘Shaan Shahid’, he said, “It was the first time I saw him doing an English character where he is speaking in English and the way he is dressed and his acting is awesome, and I believe that there was no better choice than Shaan for this film & the role he is playing. For Shaan I would like to say that he is somebody who can represent Pakistan around the world, he is an “A” standard actor who can easily be compared with any good Hollywood actor, I am glad to work with him and Its an honour for me to work with Shaan. I had very few face to face scenes with him but we do have few fighting sequences and other scenes with each other but when I met him, I realized the way he is so far presented by Lollywood, he is completely different to that.”

Praising the support of ISPR, Shamoon said, “ISPR till now has made so many good projects to show the positive image of Army and just like all those projects, this project is also going to be very helpful in that matter whose biggest reason will be film’s international release.”

Shamoon also gave a rough estimate about Waar’s budget which he said is around Rs. 17 Corores ($ 2 Million), that means overall the film is nothing going to be less than a blast for the industry which eventually will truly help to continue the revival process of the industry that started back in 2007 with Shoaib Mansoor’s Khuda Key Liye.

Update: Director Bilal Lashari has denied the rumours related to interior minister’s part in the film, and as we said earlier the post is based on one of the recent interviews of Shamoon who also made it clear in that interview that he has just heard this news and can’t confirm it.

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