Bilal Lashari eyeing French actress for Waar

Many of you might have heard a rumour few days back suggesting us that the production gang of film Waar is considering the TV actress Sadia Hayat Khan to play the lead role in the movie.

But actor Shamoon Abbasi who will be seen playing the negative role in the film, in one of his latest interviews revealed that director Bilal Lashari is actually in process of casting a French actress named Sarah Desage to play the lead role in his film Waar, but she has not been finalised yet and talks are still underway.

Sharing the actual news, Shamoon said, “The lead actress which they are looking for is a girl from Hollywood and both the parties are in talks right now so its still in the process of casting that girl in the movie, Sarah Desage is somebody who has recently done this movie called 7 Adventures of Sindbad..where she played the lead, and will most probably be the one doing lead in Waar as well”.

Well just to let our readers know more about her, Sarah is actually a French born American actress who started her showbiz career in year 2002 with a short film named Up to the roof and has since appeared in numerous TV series, short films, music videos and movies of course, though her last film project 7 adventures of Sindbad where she played the character of ‘Loa’ wasn’t received well and got mainly negative reviews, but now according to IMDB she is involved in an another film project named Shoots & Ladders which is expected to hit American cinemas this year.

Apart from all this there is a possibility that maybe Sadiya Hayat Khan will be the alternate choice if Sarah and the makers of Waar fail to come-up with any deal, or an another possibility is that maybe she is part of the film but not playing lead in it.

Website of Waar

Keeping the interest of fans and promotional campaign of the film in mind, the production team of Waar has launched a website with the address But as of now the status of website is “Under Construction” and hopefully will be launched completely in coming days, for now one can go there and check the background music that will most probably be the official music theme of Waar.

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