Actor Jamil Fakhri in critical condition

A five-member medical board has been composed and assigned with the task of treating renowned actor, Jamil Fakhri, who was admitted into the Mayo Hospital on the afternoon of May 31.

“His condition is critical and he came to us in a coma,” said Professor Dr Irshad Hussain, a professor of medicine and the senior-most doctor assigned to Fakhri’s case. “We have met with the family and discussed the circumstances, but the biggest worry right now is a relapse.”

The committee which is overseeing the treatment of the actor also includes professor of anaesthesia Khawar Ali, professor of medicine Sajid Obaidullah, assistant professor neurology Dr Javed Athar and medical specialist Dr Munir Iqbal. Dr Hussain was unwilling to make an estimate regarding the potential of recovery in the case but said that it could be tough because of the nature of the case.

“There are a lot of challenges in the case and a lot of factors that go into recovery,” said Dr Hussain. “He has been put on a ventilator because his respiration was not strong enough.”

Fakhri, who had been admitted to the Cavalry Hospital two days ago, suffered two haemorrhages before being transferred to the central intensive care unit at the Mayo Hospital at around 4 pm. At the time, the doctors put Fakhri on a ventilator and maintained that his vitals were normal and there was a possibility for recovery.

The Mayo Hospital medical superintendent, Zayed Pervaiz, said that he had been overseeing the case personally and had made sure that the best facilities and accommodations were being provided to the actor. He said that Fakhri had a history of sugar and blood pressure and was also a heart patient.

“It’s a difficult situation right now and it’s too early to comment about the recovery,” said Pervaiz.  “He is critical but we are looking to stabilise him and offer the best treatment possible.”

That meant that the artery in his brain had initially blocked but then during the second haemorrhage, it had burst. Pervaiz explained that Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah had advised the hospital to provide free medical facilities and treatments to Fakhri’s family.

Pervaiz said that Fakhri’s family had been offered a private room to stay at the hospital but they had refused, as the sons wanted to stay near their father.

Family insiders say that the actor had been unable to control his anxiety after the kidnapping of his son, Ali Ayaz Fakhri. On December 7, information about Ali’s gruesome murder surfaced. He was said to have been cut up into pieces before being set on fire. Fakhri had said that his son had no enemies and the kidnapping was a mystery.

Fakhri is widely known for his role as Jafar Hussain in PTV’s famous drama, Andera Ujala. Aside from appearing on television, Fakhri has also worked in theatre.


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