Price of honour to release in August

We mentioned this fact in some of our previous articles too that forthcoming Pakistani film Price of honour is going to mark the comeback of one of the country’s seasoned and best Punjabi film director Syed Noor towards the national language films.

His last self-directed Urdu film was Jhoomer which was released in year 2007 and did a great overall cinema business.

The first ever production of recently established production house named “Paragon Entertainments” which is also a part of just opened Syed Noor’s own “Paragon Academy of Performing Arts”, Price of honour is now all set to have nationwide release in the month of August this year.

Having mostly new actors in the lead, Price of honour is a parallel cinema film mainly based on the topic of rape, torture and honour killings of women in the country.

“Its going to be a kind of short film as it just has an hour and twenty minutes’ running time and the story is basically related to the rape case of Mukhtara Mai”, said actor Naveed Raza in his latest interview to Aaj TV on channel’s morning show.

Naveed who is also playing lead in the movie further said, “Movie has got a complete fresh look and is completely different from all other commercial films that are produced in this Indo-Pak region, it has got a very strong subject which surely will hit the hearts & minds of the people”.

It’s interesting to notice here that although Naveed said that movie has a connection with Mukhtara Mai’s case but on the other hand Syed Noor the director of the film in past completely denied this and stated that movie has got a very different and fresh story, not adapted or inspired by any particular case or incident.

Well, all this confusion will be cleared once the movie is released, which according to Naveed will release in August this year.

Film will be released with a clean version initially in cinemas so that families can watch it without any hesitation while the original version will come in the market later.

Unlike other films of Syed Noor, Price of honour has a very fresh cast mostly picked through ARY’s talent hunt show named “Hero Bannay Ki Tarang”. Rakshi is the name of the girl playing female lead in the film while opposite to her it will be the winner of that show named Naveed Raza whom we quoted earlier in the article. This would be interesting to see as it will give a break to the pair of Shaan-Saima or Moammar Rana-Saima in every second movie of Syed Noor.

Although the effort of Noor is very appreciable but it will be a challenge for him to gather an audience for such a movie as for many ┬áit will not be considered as a family film, however a strong marketing campaign, like one of Shoaib Mansoor’s Bol may solve such a problem of director.


  1. Every director must be focus on FILM print or camera usage ,it is unable to see anything in this film trailer due to usage of old and bad camera….sound quality also not good….it is a era of HD video and 3D MAX sound…

  2. Daring choice of topic by Syed Noor. I am glad that there is no Saima and instead we will see some new faces! Looking forward to the film.


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