Trailer of ‘Love Mein Gum’ officially launched in local cinemas: Reports

A theatrical trailer of actor/director Reema Khan’s forthcoming film has been released in local cinemas in order to give a start to the promotional campaign of the film. Reports have suggested us that not only the trailer consisting some movie and song clips has been released but the final date of 8th July 2011 has also been announced for its release.

Talking about the response the trailer has got so far, director & producer Reema said, “Film will be released countrywide on 8th July this year and thus the promotional campaign has been started and I must say that all the actors who have worked in the film are supporting me completely in this regard. The trailer; that is a mixture of movie dialogues and music, has so far got an excellent response while the shooting locations have also been appreciated by many people.

Talking further about the film, Reema said, “I have tried to make a film of international level as I had a great responsibility on my shoulders after the huge success of my last self directed & produced film Koi Tujh Sa Kahan. I have not only given chance to new actors in the film like Nabeel and Araida but have also tried my level best to give it a quality music, apart from that internationally acclaimed Indian actor and comedian Johnny Lever is also a part of my film gang which I think will surely be liked by the viewers”.

Just to give a quick review on the film, Love Mein Gum (Lost in Love) is the second self directed and produced film of renowned Pakistani film actress Reema Khan who’s last which was also her first self directorial film Koi Tujh Sa Kahan received a great success throughout the country. Cast of Reema’s this film is truly a blend of experience with passion as film at one hand includes debutant actors like Nabeel Khan and Azerbaijani model Araida while on the other hand seasoned actors like Javed Sheikh, Nadeem Baig and Indian comedy legend Johnny Lever is also part of the film. Rest of the cast includes Moammar Rana, Ali Saleem (Begum Nawazish), Afzal Khan (Jan Rambo) and Jia Ali, while Reema has also acted in the film as female lead of the story.

Although the trailer has not been released on internet but will surely come out in coming days, for now we are leaving you with two of the videos shot by two different independent individuals (Not reporters/sources of Galaxy Lollywood) at the shoot of Love Mein Gum’s wedding song named Soniye sung by Pakistani singer Abrar-ul-Haq for the movie:


Update: The News is now further confirmed by a comment of one of the facebook fan page members of Galaxy Lollywood, which we have posted below:


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