VEENA MALIK ko 7 Khoon Maaf: Guest Article

Let’s go back in time! About a year ago, before Bigg Boss season4 had started and before the much hyped match fixing scandal, Veena Malik was just an aspiring starlet. Ok if not an aspiring starlet then she was just an ordinary drama type in Pakistan as Rakhi Sawant in India. But she was definitely famous for her personal life, which was and has always been the hot topic of discussion. Here I’ve made a little list of all those seven lucky men who somehow were found involved in relationship with the actor. So let’s check who these seven men are.

1. Babrik Shah (2006 -2008): Son of the famous actor Tariq Shah, Babrik was an emerging superstar and was believed to be the next big thing. He did about two to three films with Veena Malik and this was the start of their beautiful relationship. They were totally in love and then took place an engagement which was to be followed by marriage, but then Veena Malik went into the media with various claims that Babrik was trying to ruin her career and had an eye on her money. The engagement was then called off and Veena Malik was in search for a new man.

2. Adnan Khan (2006-2007): Adnan Khan was a new face who was debuting in the film “Mohabbatan Sachian” with Veena Malik. Veena Malik was reported to have been quite close with Adnan. But I can confirm the fact that Veena was flirting with Adnan because Adnan himself confessed this to his friend at a local saloon where I was also getting a haircut, and the media reports too suggested the “Barthi Nazdeekiyan” between both the actors. Anyhow as soon as the shooting and promotion of the film ended; this casual flirting came to an end.

3. Muhammad Asif (2008-2009): While she was still in a serious relationship with Babrik Shah she was reported to be seeing the famous cricketer Muhammad Asif. It is believed that it was because of Muhammad Asif that the serious relationship between Babrik and Veena came to an end. It was also rumored that Veena had married Asif in London. Anyhow this relationship lasted a year and as Veena claims “He used to hit me and torture me”. Veena then went ahead and exposed the famous cricket match fixing scandal.

4. Faisal Akbar Khan (2010): Soon after the Veena Asif breakup what came as a shock to the entire nation was that Veena had exchanged rings with a rich American based businessman Faisal Akbar Khan. This was believed to be the end of the rollercoaster ride Veena had been on. They were soon going to marry each other and things were fixed. The family of Veena for the first time had intervened to say that their daughter was marrying the businessman. Veena then went on a pre-marriage shopping spree and shopped for about 70 lacks. The marriage was fixed in June and everything was going perfect. Then in June it was said that the marriage had been postponed to a later date.

5. Hrishant Goswami (2010): Many people who have not been a regular viewer of Big Boss believe that it was Ashmit who Veena loved but the fact is that it was the model Hrishant Goswami who came first in the picture. Veena Malik expressed her love and liking for Hrishant through different housemates. But it was Hrishant who had gave a clear “NO” as an answer. Let me add that rumors suggest that after the birthday party of Ashmit Patel which was after the ending of the show Veena and Hrishant made out in a car.

6. Ashmit Patel (2010-2011): After Hrishant gave Veena a clear no and Sara Khan had been evicted Veena started getting close to Ashmit Patel. The two were part of some quite questionable acts such as sleeping together, kissing and as Bigg Boss officials claim even trying to have s*x. Anyhow Veena still claims they are good friends.

7. Sangram Singh (2011): There is not much to say but it was obvious that Veena and Sangram Singh, the famous boxer, shared a certain sort of chemistry on the reality show Bigg Toss. Although this was not something serious but Veena did not miss any opportunity to flirt.

The Writer Momin Ali is seventeen years of age and was previously the student of “International School Of Choueifat Lahore”, he is now going to join LUMS for his B.Sc degree. Apart from his interest in international cinema, he takes keen interest in the local cinema too and is also a great well wisher of its revival.

Note: The opinion(s) presented by the writer in the article do not necessarily depict the views and policies of Galaxy Lollywood as its written by a third person (not an official member of the site team) and thus we have named it as “Guest Writing”.


  1. Veena Malik is such a such a flirt, I use to respect her a lot because of Hum Sab Umeed sai hain but all that respect vanished when she showed her true colours in India. Btw nice article momin.. I m kinda liking ur writing material…Keep writing, I wanna read u more and more…


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