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So the hot news these days is that our lovely Meera is going across the border to participate in a reality show. You all would have probably guessed by now that which reality show this is. Yes you are absolutely right it indeed is big boss. After Veena Malik’s rather controversial appearance in big boss 4, Meera is ready to set the show on fire by participating in the next season. According to Meera she had been approached earlier for the fourth season too but she refused to participate because of Veena Malik. Now let’s see what Meera does on the show. Though we are really worried that she will do some rather stupid acts and may be insulted but we are pretty sure she won’t bring any bad name to Pakistani women as she herself earlier spoke against Veena’s behavior on the show. To know what happens we all will have to wait for the show to go on air and that will be probably in November.


Where meera is doing something so  exciting as big boss 5, Veena can definitely not be far behind. If reports are to be believed Veena Malik has been approached to participate in another spicy reality show.

The reality show is “Veena Ka Rishta”. No it’s not a sequel to the badly shot and scripted ” kaun banay ga meera pati”. Actually it will be the fourth season of the “Indian swayambar” series which is aired on NDTV and has already featured Rakhi Sawant, Rahul Mahajan and Rattan Rajput. The third season “Rattan Ka Rishta” is currently on air and will probably end in august, whereas the next season will start soon after it ends as Veena wants to get married this year. Considering the drama queen Veena and also the amusing show, it will be quite a treat  to look out for.


Veena Malik featured in Reema’s directorial venture “koi tujh sa kahan” and the film was a hit. Veena would probably have been the part of “love main gum” too, had the relation between Reema and Veena not deteriorated. Had Veena been a part of the film, the film would surely have an even better chance of Success. Anyways, Reema is leaving no stone unturned to assure the success of the film. The first look trailer is  already being appreciated and is being talked about at various places. Furthermore Reema also had a promotional photoshoot featuring the entire cast. Moreover the new news is that Reema is shooting a promotional song on the lines of  Sharukh’s Om Shanti Om. Yes you heard that right you will get to see more than 40 celebrities from film and TV in one song. The song is sung by Ali Zafar and the shooting is currently being done. Reema you are surely heading in the right direction.


Talking about heading in the right direction, that’s exactly where our Television industry is going. When we talk about Indian films and say that Pakistani films can never outdo them think about the Pakistani tv industry. Few years ago When star plus was the star and everyone was hooked to it no one would have thought that some day Pakistani television shows would be watched by everyone and star plus would be a big NO. Taking about tv shows, every decade there comes a TV show which revolutionises the television world. The  show of the decade is definitely “Ayegi Baraat” series. The show has definitely bridged the gap between the Pakistani television and  the general audience. Almost everyone has watched or atleast heard about the show. Be it the normal middle class housewives or to the  rich brats almost everyone loves the show. With the super hit first two seasons the third season is about to hit your TV Screens this June. As people really loved Bushra Ansari’s character “Saima Chowdry”, so the focus will be probably on her. This idea has been confirmed by the first promo which features basically Bushra Ansari, so let’s wait and see how the show turns out to be. Below we are attaching it’s promo video for you.


Now let’s see which movies are expected to hit the local cinemas coming weeks:

24th JUNE
BOL (Lollywood)
Mr Poppers Penguins (Hollywood)
Double Dhammal (Bollywood)

1st JULY

Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap (Bollywood)

Delhi Belly (Bollywood)

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  1. Love this segment … Please keep us upto date on bol …. Thanks you are doing an amazing amazing job … I check your website every day here in chicago ..


  2. well like Mr salim ,I also visit this web daily ,because i love Pakistani cinema ,impressive work of galaxy lolly wood team. (Edited by Galaxy Lollywood Team)


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