Veena Malik in hot waters again. Poses naked for Indian Magazine. Reality?

That’s not the first time Veena Malik has spurred a controversy through her activities in both India and Pakistan. But this time its big — as the actress has allegedly posed nude for Indian magazine FHM’s cover for its this month edition. Moreover something that is particularly focused in international media regarding this picture is an ISI (Pakistan’s supreme Intelligence agency) tattoo on her arm which is linked to a sub cover headline saying, “Hand in end of the world too?”

Although Veena claims the picture to be morphed (clothes being removed trough editing) but still it’s not something usual and many are questioning that even if the picture is morphed, how could Veena agree to such terms leaving all her limits behind?

Reacting to all these allegations, Veena, who was busy tackling media regarding her upcoming and just signed famous Indian television realty show Swayamwar’s fouth season made some quick appearances late night yesterday on print and electronic media both in Pakistan and India to clear her view point in this regard.

Talking to Geo News on the same issue and that magazine also claims to have a whole evidence video of this shoot, Veena said “Yes I did a shoot for FHM magazine, and I have definitely worked with Kabir Sharma (Magazine editor), but the picture you have seen on magazine’s front page is basically a morphed one, where my clothes were being removed by means of editing. I have definitely done the shoot and they will surely have the evidence video but it will definitely be in full clothes.”

When asked, that Kabir has denied about any kind of editing and that the shoot took place in the same way as the pictures have come out, Veena said, “Well yes I did the shoot, I am not denying it, but the shoot is with clothes, it wasn’t a nude shoot at all. The shoot I agree was a bold one, where I was wearing some modern clothes with accessories and long boots but the shoot wasn’t a nude one and the picture is morphed.”

When asked about the ISI tattoo on her arm, Veena replied, “Basically this tattoo thing was Kabeer’s idea, and the concept behind it was that when in India, even if some really small thing goes wrong, they all start blaming ISI in funny way, so Kabeer said that he will put such a tattoo on my arm and it will all be in a humerus sense. In fact, he [Kabeer] even said that the upper portion of my body will entirely be covered with same tattoos but due to shortage of time we couldn’t do such a thing, but he ensured me that he will cover it with tattoos which he did not.”

Talking further about the tattoo issue, Veena said, “I have talked to my lawyer and I will definitely talk to Kabeer on the issue, actually I couldn’t directly talk to Kabeer today and probably I will speak to him tomorrow (Today) as I was really busy the whole day.”

On a question that at one point you are saying that you were wearing clothes but on the other hand you say that the upper part of the picture had to be entirely covered with tattoos, so it’s making some confusion here.

Veena replied, that, “I was wearing clothes, that had to be morphed and then covered with tattoos, so it wasn’t a nude shoot and I will definitely talk to Kabeer as I was busy the whole day cause I have just signed here the 4th season of Indian reality show Swayamvar, I was busy interacting with media whole day and as soon as I got to see this picture, I was really shocked, but I have already spoke to my lawyer and manager and will talk to Kabeer tomorrow.”

She even said that, “If Kabeer has some nude photos or videos of the shoot, I ask him to provide it to media because I know he is just speaking lie and nothing else.”

When asked what is meant by the word ‘Bold’, when she says the shoot was bold but not nude, Veena replied that, ” bold means that although I know my limits but at the same time I was wearing very modern clothes, bold for me does not mean nude.”

When asked if she is going to take some legal action against the magazine or its editor, she said, “I will talk to Kabeer tomorrow morning, I have spoke to my lawyer already but first I will talk to Kabeer and will ask him to clear out the matter, but if he won’t take any action, then I will definitely send him a legal notice because there are certain things where one should take stand.”

When Geo news asked the editor of the magazine ‘Kabir Sharma’, about the the picture being morphed, he said, ” Well even in your office, you’ll have some experts of photoshops and editing, you can ask them that its not possible to edit a picture this much. If you think we took a normal picture of Veena and then through editing put it on someone else’s body or removed her clothes, so no we didn’t do such a thing, and all what you can see is the real picture that was part of the photo shoot.”

Answering to a question about the ISI Tattoo, Kabeer had the same thing to say as Veena earlier told to the channel, he said, “Basically the idea was taken from Amitabh Bachan’s film Deewar, where a line Mera Baap chor hai (My father is thief) was written on Amitabh’s arm. When we discussed it with Veena that we gonna put an ISI tattoo on her arm this way, she appreciated it and was really excited about the whole concept. In fact, while on shoot when our make-up artist made this tattoo on her arm, he made it in very thin fonts, so Veena herself asked him to make it more bold so that it can be visible. Basically the whole concept was to present a particular Indian ideology in a humerus way, If you see the line written on the side of tattoo, it says Hand in end of the world too? which means that from past 40 year, if anything happens here, people directly put a whole blame on ISI without knowing the realities. We tried to give a message to our Indian audience that are you going to blame ISI for world’s end too? So it was all a mere joke and nothing else.”

When asked about the concept behind the shoot and the selection of particularly Veena for it, Kabeer explained, “Basically the whole idea behind this shoot was that, Veena right now is one Pakitani artist which people here have a great interest in, whether it is because of her show or something else, but basically she is a very powerful and sexy women and is such a strong character that she isn’t afraid of expressing her opinions, so at a very basic level, she is a women of today.”

Explaining the agreement between Veena and magazine regarding this shoot, Kabeer said, “The whole agreement was decided with mutual understanding between Veena and the whole team here. She was very much involved in the whole conceptulizing of shoot and we still have got the mails where she opinioned about the whole idea and how it can be executed in the best possible way.”

The reality of this whole matter will get much clearer as the issue develops with time but one thing that is worth mentioning here is that credibility is weak on both sides now. Veena has been part of such a controversy in past as well, so nothing can be believed from her side until and unless it is denied from the either end, and the magazine also has been involved in some unlawful activities in past subjecting the same issue, which means that it too cannot be believed with just the half story being unfolded.

Update: There is another picture released by FHM Magazine today of Veena Malik posing almost naked with a grenade in her hand and the same ISI tattoo on the other arm. A short description that is provided with this picture by the magazine is, “The cover we didn’t use”.

Below is the picture, we are talking about:


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