Javed Sheikh plans to produce two films this year

Javed Sheikh is known as one of the pillars of local entertainment industry. Not limiting his passion just to acting, Javed entered in direction and production as well and gave the industry hits like Chief Sahab and Yeh Dil Aap Ka Hua.

After getting a big setback with his last self-directed & produced Khulay Aasman Ke Neechey failing badly at ‘Box office’, Javed took a long break from film production and focused more on his acting projects.

Now with the film scene in Pakistan gradually taking off and signs of investment returns showing up, Javed Sheikh has started working on his plans for resuming his filmmaking activities in the industry.

If reports are to be believed then Javed Sheikh is currently working on two scripts and if all goes well, he might start the production work on both of them in few months’ time.

Reports also suggest us that the veteran actor also plans to direct one of these movies while the other one he plans to get directed by someone else. Last year he also announced to launch his son Shehzad Sheikh—who by the way has already made quite a following through popular TV series ‘Dreamers’–  in his future productions. So, if a rough guess is to be made, it is quite possible that Javed would be directing his son’s debut film and also the same film might be the first one to hit cinemas.

Disclosing more about the cast of his upcoming projects, Javed Sheikh told in interview, “It is quite possible my upcoming projects would have Indian actors too, I had previously cast famous Indian actress Bipasha Basu in my last film Khuley Aasman Ke Neechey, though it finally didn’t work out as Bipasha had few issues to look after.”

If true; the news is quite positive but same sort of reports flashed last year too and in the end nothing practical happened. Hopefully this year it won’t be same and we would finally get to see Javed Sheikh resuming his activities as a filmmaker.

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  1. Today he has told in an interview in APlus morning show that he is preparing his two projects and he will cast one of the five most famous actresses of india with his son ………..i think she will be deepika or kareena because both of them have already worked in Pakistan and both of these girls have showed desires to work in this country so i am with you sheikh sahab i will definately watch your movie when it will be release next year


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