Reema gets ‘Entertainment Ambassador’ title by Pakistani physicians

Resuming her social activities, film actor Reema Khan who recently tied knot with Pakistani-American cardiologist Dr. Tariq Shahab is now enthusiastically taking part in post-marriage parties thrown in couple’s regard by Pakistani community especially the doctors in different parts of U.S.

The most recent one of such events was organised by “Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America (APPNA)” in Californian state of U.S. which is said to be attended by many notable Pakistanis living in America along with the guest couple of Reema-Shahab.

Subjecting the work of actress in field of entertainment and philanthropy, Reema was awarded with the title of ‘Entertainment Ambassador’ in the event by its organizers.

Organizers were of the view that Reema didn’t earn the fame nationally or internationally just because of her entertainment work in Pakistan film industry but she being an active philanthropist is also something that needs to be commended.

Talking about the title/award Reema said, “This award means a lot to me, an artist is like an ambassador of the country and I would try my level best to do better on every level in my field.”

We hope the award would have a positive impact on the future work of the actress and that she would soon resume her professional activities too.

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