Producer Association to resume operations soon

Inactive since 2006, Pakistan Film Producers Association (PFPA) – Industry’s most influential group – is soon expected to resume its operations, reports Express Tribune.

PFPA was disbanded in 2006 primarily due to an internal disagreement on the screening of Indian films in Pakistan – leading to the creation of  two different groups, one supporting the screening of foreign films citing the fact that they give a support to local cinema industry and one opposing the idea claiming the imported films affecting the market for local content.

Chaudhry Kamran is one of the prominent figures of Pakistan film industry, with recent hits like Bhai Log in his production portfolio; he is also one of the leading figures contributing to the revival of Producers Association. Talking about the importance of PFPA in film industry, he said, “The Producers Association is mother of all associations in film industry…It played a vital role in getting rid of personal differences in industry and also giving the industry a proper structure in terms of its functions.”

Talking about the main functions of the association, Kamran informed that before its disbandment in 2006, the association gave the industry a particular discipline with functions like self-regulation on vulgar content, selection of film titles and organisation of film releases. Additionally, in order to keep the operations of association running smoothly, an authorised member of the association was allowed to sit in censor board and the chamber of commerce.

Keeping the past usefulness of association in mind, producers are again thriving to revive the faction as soon as possible and most probably an official announcement will be made next week in a press conference.

Setting up a board and appointing a chairman in order to keep the daily operations of association running is currently the number one agenda for local producers. Veteran film producer and actor Ghafoor Butt who is also one of the integral members of this team is expected to lead the board initially for a time period of an year, after which proper elections will be organised.

We hope that this association will help reducing internal differences of industry and will also work as a bridge between producers and exhibitor.


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