Reema becomes the new PTCL face

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is one of the biggest and reputed business entities in the country having wide range of popular services available in the field of communication.

In one of its latest moves, the company has launched its ‘Life in Motion’ marketing campaign for which they signed Pakistani superstar Reema Khan.

Depicting the scenes from the busy life of the celebrity, the advertisement revolves around the concept that how an enterprising showbiz personality is helped by various PTCL services in her moment to moment daily activities.

The actress is given a very simple but charming and a fresh look in the commercial and will further help rebuilding her image from a Lollywood dancer cum actor to a professional and true celebrity.

You might remember the time when Shaan was first signed by telecommunication giant Moblink and remained attached to it for quite a long time in early days of telecommunication phenomena in the country, followed by which, we recently saw him attached to another reputed local business giant Engro for its ‘Rupiyah Certificate’ campaign. All these events in the career of the actor helped him coming out of that Sultan Rahi shell that he was trapped in for a long time because of his thorough involvement in Punjabi cinema.

Well, his lead was then followed by Reema and now after being attached to brands like Pepsi and Warid, we can regard her as a true super star of the country.

It is quite interesting that Reema’s last major corporate attachment was with major Pakistani telecommunication player Warid and now she is involved with PTCL, which is actually the parent company of Warid’s market competitor Ufone.

Is she all done with her assignments at Warid’s office or she plans to sail both the boats at one time? We leave it to the coming time. But practically being in both the offices won’t be the case as Warid has now signed ‘Humaima Malick’ as their new brand face.

For now, we leave you with the recently released PTCL advertisement featuring Reema for company’s Life in Motion campaign.

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