The Dusk goes to Censor Board

After making several headlines about its cast, release and many other things, the debut film of model Salman and Uzma Khan and the second feature film of Bol famed veteran Pakistani actor Zeb Rehman, The Dusk has now finally been sent to the Censor Board for its certification.

Due to be released for last few months, The Dusk is a Social-Drama venture of Wajahat Kazmi Films & Shahzad Nasib and is directed by Z-Shan Kazmi who actually made his directing debut through the film.

Talking to Galaxy Lollywood on the censor board news, producer of the film Wajahat Kazmi said, “We were trying to release the film for quite a long time but obviously there were some issues that needed to be sort out first so, as other things got settled we thought this would be the best time and so we took the film to Censor Board.”

When asked about the final release date of the long awaited film, Wajahat said, “Well! At the moment it’s solely dependent on the Censor board. If all goes as planned and if there wouldn’t be any issues with film censorship, we would release it on 23rd March all over the country.”

Furthermore he mentioned that “talks with the exhibitors all over Pakistan are partly done and partly underway, and that their main concern is again the censor board clarification that will be confirmed in few weeks,” he hoped.

The Dusk is a social-drama film covering several social issues currently making headlines in local news channels. From the issue of missing persons to drone strikes in the country, everything is subjected in the film with a slight hint of Love and affection as well.

It’s a story of a newly married couple Ali (Salman Khan) & Fatima (Uzma Khan). Ali is mysteriously kidnapped on the 5th day of their marriage. Neither do the kidnappers demand ransom nor do they contact back.

We hope the film soon gets the ‘Clear’ certificate from the censor board and we finally get to see this long awaited film in our cinemas as each and every releasing local film means a lot to the survival of film industry of the country.

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  1. Its goood but plz release this film worldwide if we release the films worldwide so there will be a name of LOLLYWOOD & may be lollywood movies nominations will be there in OSCAR.


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