Meera’s Psycho-Thriller to now release in March

Though prior to her recently announced marriage, Meera has announced her retirement from the local film industry too, but there are still quite a few projects that she has either already recorded the work for or the work is in being done on fast pace.

Forthcoming Indian psychological thriller 5 Ghantey Mien 5 Crore is also one of such projects and the film is now in its final post production stages.

Previously announced to be releasing on 24th of this month, 5 Ghantey Mien 5 Crore is now rescheduled for its release and according to the director Faisal Saif, the new date for the release of the film will be 16th of March (next month).

“We had to delay it as couple of different issues came up together. The main reason was actually the Board Exams that are currently being held here in India but the finishing work on the prints is also not complete and they will arrive somewhere around the end of this month from US”, Faisal stated.

Informing us about the new release date of the movie, director Faisal Saif said, “We are now releasing it on 16th of next month as we didn’t want it to be delayed for unrealistic time……. It will release in India, Pakistan, UK and USA simultaneously  but for UAE and Germany we are still in talks with distributors and as soon as something is finalized, we will release the film there as well.”

The release delay of the film might be a little set back for Meera’s fan base but the announcement of new release date would be a big relief for them especially after her ‘retirement’ announcement.

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