Shaan all set to make it big at small screen with his ‘Geo Shaan Say’

You probably remember our news from last year where we claimed that Shaan has struck a multimillion-Rupee deal with Geo Television Network, and that it would be the first time the superstar will be seen doing something special on small screen.

Well, that multimillion-Rupee deal has come to life now and that special venture we talked about is going to be a morning show named Geo Shaan Say. Starting from 23rd of this month the show will be aired from network’s ‘News arm’–Geo News.

Yes, you all read it right, Shaan is now going to wake you up every morning at 8:30 am from Monday to Friday and then for next few hours you will see him talking about your daily life issues to current affairs and literally everything.

The promotional campaign for the show started earlier this month right after the first episode of channel’s newly launched program Wasu Aur Mein. The viewers were kept anticipating for half of the month where show’s official track ‘Geo Shaan Say’ — voiced by famous Pakistani singer Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan– was being played only in half with a tagline ‘Abhi Kuch Aur Aaney Walaa Hai’ (Something more is coming).

But now, not only the full track has been released (attached at the end of the article), but the show is also starting from the coming Monday and we sincerely hope that the superstar makes it big on the small screen too.

Song: Geo Shaan Say

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