Captain Naveed’s father, no more a hurdle: Meera to wed on 21st July

After so many controversies and drama related to her marriage mystery, Meera has now finally got the green chit from her (to be)-father-in-law to tie knot with his commercial pilot son Captain Naveed Pervaiz.

Earlier this year, in the month of February to be exact, when Meera announced that she is engaged to her long time U.S based family friend Captain Naveed and that her family has given the approval to the-soon-to-be-held-marriage and also that she would leave Lollywood afterwards; not all ended well for Meera and the actress had to break her engagement when Naveed’s father (Raja Pervez), refused to accept her in the shape of his son’s wife.

Not only this, Ateeq-ur-Rehman, an another claimer of being Meera’s husband, also made some media appearances and claimed that Meera is still his wife and he hasn’t divorced her yet and thus it wouldn’t be legal for her to marry another guy. Plus he claimed that his disputes with the actress aren’t settled yet and she should first resolve her issues with me and then go for something else.

It’s worth mentioning here that basically it was Ateeq’s claims that lead to the end of Meera’s engagement as Naveed’s father in a statement said, “Meera is already married to someone else and has her case still pending in the Marriage court.”

Now that everything seems to be settled between all three parties and that Naveed has finally managed to convince his parents for his marriage with Pakistani actress Meera, a final date of 21st of July this year has been announced by both the families for the Meera-Naveed wedding.

Talking to media, Naveed’s father ‘Raja Pervez’ said, “We have agreed to Naveed’s marriage with Meera for the delight of our son.”

He also denied of making any accusations against Meera and said that it was all media-created and had nothing to do with the reality.

Well, we wish Meera all the happiness for her new life and hope it will turn out to be the life best decision of the actress.

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