Lamha (Seedlings) makes it to ‘New York City International Film Festival’

Previously promoted as Seedlings; Mohib Mirza and Aamina Sheikh starrer upcoming Pakistani film Lamha has now made its entry to New York City International Film Festival.

Confirmed by a press release from the desk of ‘Bodhicitta works’, the upcoming independent film Lamha (publicized as Seedlings in English internationally) has been invited to be screened at the two-day open air ‘New York City International Film Festival’ to be held on August 9-10 this year at Times Square.

Produced by Meher Jaffri and Summer Nicks (who also penned the story of the film) of Bodhicitta works and directed by debutant Mansoor Mujahid, Lamha is already done with its production work and is expected to land at Pakistani cinemas in fall this year.

Seedlings is a film about three individuals who are united by a horrific tragedy and follow their lives a year after the event. It is a story of loss and ultimately, forgiveness. It’s about how we find the strength to carry on with our lives, even when there doesn’t seem to be a point to it anymore.”

Aamina Sheikh’s breakthrough performance comes hot on the heels of her 2012 Lux Style Award Best Actress nomination, while this marks yet another accolade for Mohib Mirza after his win as the ‘Best Supporting Actor’ for his previously released independent film Inshah’Allah at the International Filmmakers’ Festival 2009, at Kent, UK.

Sharing their experience, Mohib Mirza and Aamina Sheikh said, “Working with Bodhicitta Works was tremendous. Their thorough and detailed pre-production process, dynamic and effective rehearsals, tight team-work, professional follow-up, cast and crew treatment, level of mutual respect and realistic scheduling was nothing short of impressive. The project getting international recognition at the NYCIFF is surely a reflection of such unwavering commitment and dedication of all those who literally ‘lived every moment of Lamha’. We feel that this is just the start of making a difference and creating opportunities. Its fruit belongs to the risk takers who stood for it while others weighed and waited.”

Besides a renowned cast including Mohib Mirza, Aamina Sheikh and Gohar Rasheed, another highlight of the film is its musical score that is composed by 21-year-old Pakistani music sensation Usman Riaz that will feature the soothing vocals of Coke Studio famed and currently the ‘Lady of the music town’ Zoe Viccaji. Rest of the film music comprises of classic songs by the renowned Mehdi Hasan in a tribute to the late Ghazal singer.

Commenting on Lamha the festival director of NYCIFF, Roberto Rizzo said, ““As French poet Lamartine wrote ‘There is one missing and the whole world is empty’: the movie is about how to overcome this emptiness. Mansoor Mujahid treats this sensitive subject in the most subtle way, and the performance of Aamina Sheikh as a devastated mother makes it extraordinarily moving.”

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