Ahsan Khan to star in Hamza Ali Abbasi’s next feature

With film scene in Pakistan slowly and gradually coming back in action once again, this was the ideal time for Ahsan Khan to step-in and resume his activities in the film industry, and resuming it with Saltanat and Ishq Khuda in such a time was surely not a bad move at all.

Director Hamza Ali Abbasi

But now we have got something bigger for you, if you haven’t laughed hard in a long time, be ready to get your funny bone tickled as Ahsan has signed a comedy flick with Hamza Ali Abbasi, who is all set to create something big after his headlines creating recently released directorial debut Mudhouse & the Golden Doll.

Provisionally titled as Kambakht, the full commercial medium-budget film would mainly revolve around the two characters who come from entirely different financial backgrounds. One is a rich-class man while the other belongs to the under-developed Tribal Areas of the country.

Besides Ahsan Khan, our very favorite Shafqat Cheema will also be seen in the movie.  Written by Hamza himself, along with Atif Siddiqui and Jawad Rana, Kambakht will be a co-production of Mindworks Motion Pictures (the same company behind Waar) and Kahani films. The famous Pakistani dance choreographer Wahab Shah has also been roped in to give his moves to the project.

In his recent status update on his official Facebook page, Hamza wrote, “the time has come when i play the biggest gamble of my life till now….making a commercial film in Pakistan. I hope it pays off! :-).”

Talking to Daily Times about the film, director Hamza Ali Abbasi said, “I have given my 100 percent to the film. Let’s see how everything turns out.” Furthermore, when asked about his target audience, he replied, “I have not picked or chosen any particular target audience of the film, neither the film is made that way. I would want ‘Kambakht’ to be played in all cinemas throughout the country, whether it’s Gulistan or DHA Cinema.”

Poster of Hamza Ali Abbasi’s recently released Mudhouse & the Golden Doll

On the other hand when Ahsan Khan was asked about this upcoming venture of Hamza, he said, “we lack a lot of educated filmmakers in our country, which is actually sad. So when Hamza approached me for this role, I immediately said yes. His previous films have been outstanding, and ‘Mudhouse and the Golden Doll’ remains my favourite. ‘Kambakht’ is beautifully written and I can say this with utmost confidence that films like these have not been essayed in a long time.”

Although time will tell us how Kambakht turns out as a final product, but one thing that our filmmakers need to understand is that this is what the time demands of Pakistan film industry–a commercial film. Commercial films with nationwide appeal that can also keep the corporate sector intact is really the need of the time for our film industry.

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