Tamanna : The trailer is out and the film is one to watch out for.

Well writing this article gives me a feeling of dejavu. It just seems as yesterday when I wrote my first article for Galaxy Lollywood, which let me add was a guest post as I was not associated with the site back then. That post was about a trailer and so is this one. Furthermore as I was then unaware about the fact that the trailer of Love Mein Ghum  would be played Incidentally even today  I was clueless about the fact that the cinema would be playing the trailer of the film Tamanna.

However I was in for a pleasant surprise when I saw the faces of Omair Rana and Salman Shahid on the silver screen. I then  instantly decided to do a trailer review because in Pakistan the trailer comes out first in cinemas and then on the internet. However  the mass media beat me this time as  the trailer was soon out on the internet for everyone to see. Thus I will not be exactly going into the tiny details of the trailer but just focusing on how awesome the trailer was and how excited I am for the film to release.

Tamanna 6The film Tamanna has been in the making for quite some time now. Moreover   we interviewd the director of the film Mr Steven Moore and   did a detailed post about it back in 2011  when the film was ready for release but due to one reason or the other it got postponed and now will release in 2013.

I think it was partially the success of the film “Chambaili” which has encouraged other film-makers and given them  hope to release their films. Why you ask? Well Chamabili despite  starring relatively new faces took the country by storm  and mind you  has emerged as one of the biggest blockbusters in the current times . Thus it would not be wrong to say that Chamabili has been a trendsetter of sorts and has acted as a leader while other filmmakers hope to follow its lead. The first of these films is Tamanna which is now set for a summer 2013 release.

Tamanna new posterNow lets come to the trailer. I’m sure that you will agree with me when I say that the Pakistani films in recent times have all restricted themselves to certain genres. What I am trying to say is that the Pakistani directors do no experiment much and stick to their preferred genres .We have the social drama category and films of this genre are usually the ones to get critical acclaim and if fate has it a successful run  at the box office. Then we have the so-called action ( maar dhaar) films which  almost always have Shaan in the lead and well you know them.

Pakistan has never  really delved into the other genres, even if it  has it is only once in a blue moon. We haven’t seen much of horror ( except for Siyaah and Zibhakhana) same for thrillers or even romantic films have not been exploited to their full potential. So it came as a breath of fresh air when I saw this trailer in the cinema. The film as judging from the trailer is a thriller and seems somewhat ( emphasis on somewhat) on the lines of my all time favorite thriller franchise Saw.

Tamanna 1“The story sees a famous film director named Shehreyar (played by Shahid), who is fond of playing games, inviting a man named Riz (Omair Rana) to his house. The plot develops into a feud between these two characters, who fight over a woman in a story which deals with love, adultery, robbery and murder.” (Express Tribune).

Tamanna 4Don’t let this simple plot summary fool you into thinking that the film has nothing new to offer. Judging from the trailer the film is definitely first of its kind for Pakistani audience. I do not know much  about the technical aspects but from what I could see as a common audience member was laudable. The angles, the cinematography and everything is worth a mention.

The cast of the film includes Omair Rana who is hot property after the super-success of Chamabili , Mehreen Raheel , Salman Shahid and Faryal Gauhar. Here I am attaching the trailer for you all to see and do comment as to what you think of it in the comments section.


Galaxy Lollywood wishes team Tamanna best  of luck  🙂

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