ARY and Riaz Shahid Films join hands for Film Industry’s voyage to success

Riaz Shahid and ARY FilmsCarrying the name of Mr. Riaz Shahid; one of the most celebrated filmmakers of industry’s heydays, Riaz Shahid films, the film banner now being run by his superstar son, Shaan Shahid, have allied with the media giant ARY Netwrok’s film distribution arm, ARY Films to together bear the torch in Pakistan Film Industry’s quest for its revived future.

An MoU was signed between ARY Films and Riaz Shahid Films on 23rd November 2013, subjecting a joint production venture between two banners aimed at wheeling the revival process of Pakistan film industry.

As per the MoU, Riaz Shahid Films will produce four up-standard, quality films every year from the next year making sure that there is always enough local content for cinemas to exhibit, whereas ARY Films will make sure that the films receive the grandest reception in the country possible.

To solidify the deal, two films were announced at the event, Arth 2 and Mission-5, along with a subsequent announcement that the former’s launch event will be held next month where Indian film director Mahesh Bhatt will also be present.

The press release after the event mentioned that Arth 2, which is actually the remake of famous Mahesh Butt film, Arth, will have Shaan Shahid and Humaima Malick in the lead roles, whereas a new face Uzma Hassan along with actor Ali Khan will also play an integral part in the film. The story and dialogues will be written by Pervez Kaleem, while Shaan along with acting and directing the movie will also write its screenplay. Sahir Ali Baggar has been roped in for the Music, while Waar’s DOP, Luke Rocheleau will be the DOP here too.

The second announced film, Mission-5, an action thriller, is also another exciting addition to the list of upcoming local releases with its story being done by Shaan and Waar’s Hassan Waqas Rana, while as per the press release it will be shot on Pak-Afghan border with a foreign director named Tom Dilmer directing it. More on the film will be unfolded in coming months.

Shaan on occasion said, “We are delighted to have one of the biggest media groups of Pakistan as our partner. This is not just a collaboration but rather a marriage of two ideologies combined together and it will mark a new era for Pakistani Film Industry. My special thanks to ARY Film for their vision; their dedication and patriotism is the reason for the culmination of this partnership. I hope this collaboration will further raise the standard of Pakistani Cinema industry and bring it to international front, creating a soft image of Pakistan in the process.”

Stating his views on the collaboration, Mr. Jarjees Seja, ARY Digital Network’s Chief Executive Officer, said, It is pertinent for the main players in the market to join hands to be able to make and market better films. Our experience with our latest presentations like ‘Waar’, ‘Zinda Bhaag’, and ‘Main Hoon Shahid Afridi’ tells us that there is a great hunger for Pakistani Cinema entertainment. The market is ready to reward and support all good efforts. This is precisely why we are joining forces with Riaz Shahid Films and we intend to jointly produce and market four films each year from now on. At ARY Films, we are committed to not only provide quality entertainment through our movies but also give a business model to different advertisers and sponsors so they can use this powerful medium to integrate their brand/products and become a part of revival of Pakistani cinema by investing in the movies.”

The deed also intends to organise an international film festival in Pakistan next year where content from China, Iran, Italy, Spain, Srilanka and Saudi Arabia along with local productions will be screened, helping the local filmmakers to get a diversed international perspective on filmmaking and entertainment.

It must also be noted that ARY Films earlier this year signed another MoU with Mandviwalla entertainment resulting in creation of, The Platform; a venture helping local films, specially the small productions in getting them much-needed cinema release across the country.

Efforts such as these are the need of the time now, and with a little more of such efforts, this revival process will get fueled up for real as intended by this joint venture.

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