Shaan and Ali Zafar fight it out at the ARY Film Awards. ( Video)

The ARY Film Awards , which took place a few weeks back , had more than its fair share of controversies. From the awards being “rigged” to the infamous war of words between Shaan and Ali Zafar, the night never felt short on entertainment.  For those unaware of what went on well we all know how Shaan loves to play the patriotic card. He played it when he apparently refused the negative role in the film Ghajni. He played the same card  when he apparently refused  numerous other opportunities because he just loves Pakistan too much. Ali Zafar , on the other hand, as we all know has done quite a few Bollywood films and has managed to carve a special niche for himself in the Indian Market. Now when two people with such diverse opinions were to come under the same room, sparks were bound to fly and that is exactly what happened.To see all the drama you can check out this video released by ARY Film Awards which are all set to air this Saturday 24 May 2014:-


  1. Very disappointed in Shaan as not only did he insult Ali but called greats like Rahat, Javed Sheikh, Atif Aslam “sellouts”. They are the pride of Pakistan while Shaan has been doing D grade films on gandasa culture.


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