Shaan transforms looks for Yalgaar

Shaan's Look for Yalgaar (Delta.Echo.Foxtrot)

When Shaan at the start of this decade became the Mobilink man, it hit many as a big surprise. A surprise that the actor could be so humble, mellow and yet elegant in his role-doings that it made him stand apart from the loud traditional roles he was otherwise known for. That was probably the era that stamped Shaan being a widely sell-able face of the industry.

Shaan Punjabi cinemaFast forward it to the last year, 2013, and Waar releases; from a gandasa bearing, bawling his throat out on a white horse to his
enemies, supported by those ever angry eyes and a face sporting the desi version of pencil moustache, Shaan completely transformed himself into everybody’s hero who could walk, talk and act normally on the urban settings of the film.

For most of Waar, Shaan could be seen sporting a black leather jacket with stubble facial hair on his face and those raged eyes that really added to the required serious aura of the character, and those dark brown Rayban Aviators as well, Oh yeah, those too.

Shaan in Waar

But the Waar days are gone and Shaan is moving ahead with more amazing projects that have all our eyes focused on. The immediate next project of Shaan after Waar is Operation O21. But the actor hasn’t made any considerable change in his looks for the project, instead the character gives a very similar feel as in Waar. But then comes Hassan Waqas Rana’s big budgeted action-thriller Yalgaar (Delta.Echo.Foxtrot), and with so much grandness of the project, Shaan has equally reciprocated it with a fresh face to his character in the film.

For that, the facial hair have all been shaved away, no beard no moustache whatsoever. Additionally, a stylish crew cut has been given to the actor to go with his military related character. Not entirely an authentic military crew cut as the hair on the middle of the head are slightly lengthier than the original cut of that sort, but it suits nicely with Shaan’s fresh, clean look.

Here are the two pictures the actor uploaded on his official Facebook page, making his new look for Yalgaar public.



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