Ahmed Sarym: Can do…doing it!

‘Yaar ye Pakistan hai, idhar kuch bhi hosakta hai,’ (This is Pakistan, anything can happen here). It is the sentence of life if you live in Pakistan, not only you will hear it repeatedly in your life here, but will also see the real life interpretations of it from time to time to be in complete faith with it. Just follow Pakistan cricket team for a year or so and you will know what it means.

Who hasn’t here heard of this unforgettable life named, Arfa Kareem Randhawa, the once youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in the world, then of course Malala Yousafzai, the very young, the very passionate, and the very courageous young daughter of this land who even fought death in her struggle for ‘women education’ in the country. Then we have Pakistan’s youngest band, branded as ‘The Others’, making some good name for themselves and the country in the field of music. Today you read about Pakistan’s youngest ‘Online Celebrity Magazine’ editor, Ahmed Sarym.

The eleven year old, Islamabad based Ahmed Sarym is a passionate young fellow who wants to play his share of role in the promotion of Pakistan’s showbiz world and lives within so that the country’s soft image can be put in light too.

Fizzzzz Pakistan, the magazine run by Sarym, has a wide sphere in terms of its content that includes reviews of Pakistani films, coverage to the fashion world, and instant interviews of celebrities creating relative buzz in the industry. Moreover, if you follow the magazine, you also get to read reports on various social and charity events taking place in the country from time to time.

Fizzzzz with Sarym - Shamoon Abbasi
Shamoon Abbasi too, has been a guest on Sarym’s webshow interview.

Sarym has quite a known list of celebrity guests that have been a part to his webshow interviews so far, these include Waar’s producer Hassan Waqas Rana, the very current Shamoon Abbasi and the very hot Ali Jaffery to name a few. Additionally, a number of celebrities have featured in the magazine’s published interviews as well, the list of which starts from super star Shaan Shahid, and hosts other big names like Jawed Sheikh, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Nadia Hussain, Humyun Saeed, Adil Omer and among the recent ones Omair Rana, Salman Shahid and HSY beside numerous others.

For the month of June, Sarym interviewed the up and coming musician from Islamabad Shamoon Ismail; who like the whizz kid himself, is rising up the ladder quite fast.

Best of luck to Sarym in this remarkable journey of his and we hope he continues doing this great work and keeps bringing us the more of ‘Fizzzzz with Sarym.’ You can follow the magazine on its Facebook page, click here to reach.

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