Breaking News: Shaan’s Next Film ‘Mission 5’ is announced. Slated for Eid ul Fitr 2015.

By: Zeeshan Mahmood

Shaan Shahid will pen the screenplay of upcoming film Mission 5 (tentative title), the joint venture of Shiny Toy Guns (STG) and Riaz Shahid Films (RSF), along with giving the face to the lead protagonist of the movie. Mission 5 will be directed by leading advertising filmmaker Asad ul Haq and is slated to be released on Eid ul Fitr 2015.

Shiny Toy Guns announced their debut film project in an official press release on Wednesday revealing the details about the core team and partners of the project.

In the press release it is announced that “STG plans to have Mission 5 go into production by November 2014. Written by Shaan Shahid, Mission 5 will be directed by Asad ul Haq himself. Known for his stylish visuals and an obsession for detail, the Ohio University graduate brings to the project years of experience, having pioneered breakthrough television commercial concepts and techniques. Mission 5 marks Asad’s cinematic debut as a director.”

It is further revealed in the press release that “STG and RSF have signed up iconic celebrity stylist Nabila Maqsood as the official styling partner for the project. BAFTA winning Director of Photography, Nicholas D. Knowland of Jinnah fame will be the official DoP of the project with Hollywood actor Farhan Tahir, of Iron Man and Star Trek fame, featuring as the main antagonist for Mission 5 by STG.”

Speaking about his cinematic debut, director Mission 5 Asad ul Haq of STG has said in the press released, “My dad once told me long time ago: “that a story will tell itself, when it’s ready”. Till the last few months I assumed that it wasn’t ready but suddenly I find myself thinking, dreaming about the story 24/7! I guess it’s finally ready to be told.”

More details regarding the production, cast and crew members of the film will be revealed later this year.

Asad ul Haq (left), Ali Murtaza(center) and Shaan Shahid (right) while signing the contract for Mission 5.
Asad ul Haq, Nabila, Ali Murtaza and Shaan Shahid at the Shiny Toy Guns Studio
Asad ul Haq, Nabila, Ali Murtaza and Shaan Shahid at the Shiny Toy Guns Studio


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