ISPR’s ‘Defenders’ bags ‘Best Documentary Award’ at Rome Film Festival

By: Aayan Mirza

Director General Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), Major General Asim Saleem Bajwa tweeted this Saturday evening that the ISPR produced short film, Defenders, has bagged the ‘Best Documentary Award’ in its category at Rome Film Festival.

Some five minutes fifteen seconds in its length, ‘Defenders’ takes a viewer through the view of the country’s military machine and leaves the message of great valour, professionalism and sacrifice.

Loaded with a powerful narration, ‘Defenders’ is not only an amazing visual treat but also portrays the three wings of Pakistan Armed Forces aptly in a light that many, especially the international audience, may not be aware of.

The award at the festival was jointly collected by Colonel Salahuddin, Major Hassan Miraj and Major Imran Raza; the actual brains behind the short film.

A first in its nature, it is a great effort by ISPR in putting up its own narrative to the world that may not be conscious of the sacrifices Pakistan Armed Forces have given and still are giving as their share of making the world a more peaceful and safer place to live.

Watch below the short film, Defenders:

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