The 5 hunks all set to grab the top spot in Pakistan Film Industry

By: Ahmed Sarym

Final Editing: Aayan Mirza

It was promised in the ‘Divas article that the next in line is the ‘Hunka Hunka Burning Love!’ A list of five hunks, the very fresh faces in the town, already making a name for themselves and ready to grab the throne of Pakistan film industry.

So here it is, but again, there is no numbering as each name carries its own trait. So enjoy.

Bilal AshrafBilal Ashraf

Who is he? – Bilal started off with his very own Animation Studio with his late sister, Saadiya. After returning to Pakistan he eventually jumped to the second branch of the same tree and got into Visual Effects Direction. “Acting just happened by chance,” said the hunk. Although his film debut came in shape of a cameo appearance in Jami Mehmood’s hit, Operation 21, but will next be seen with a chunky role in Yalghaar and then WAAR 2, both being made by Dr. Hassan Waqas Rana (Doc).

Why we drool over him? Bilal; having to share the screen with the powerhouse performer, Aamina Sheikh, and the immensely talented Gohar Rasheed, had one of the toughest débuts, but never in that short stint did it ever seem that the debonair looking actor was on the screen for the first time. Ashraf has quite the screen presence and with his rugged looks, charm of the hero and the ‘God Gifted’ X Factor, he can very well be the next Shaan Shahid of Pakistan! Wishing this hunk a very best of luck for all his upcoming projects and future plans …

Asad ZamanAsad Zaman

Who is he? – Asad Zaman started off his career by winning the Tarang talen hunt show and then subsequently became a model. Reaching the top there, this drop-dead handsome then tried his hand in television with projects like Riwaaj, Kitne Girhain Baqqi Hain and Sartaj. Clearing the level there, Asad is now all set to make his feature film debut with Farouq Mengal’s romantic-drama, Hijrat. There is another untitled film on his plate and also an international movie project that is to be shot abroad.

Why we drool over him? – Right since Hijrat has released it’s promotional posters, and the name Asad Zaman has come into light, it seems like people (ladies) have started appreciating his talent and killing looks more and more. And with this charming personality, he could easily be an qually favourable look out for the film-makers and the audience! It has also come to our knowledge that all his upcoming projects come with their own flavour and are entirely different from each other, someone with such talent, looks and versatility is exactly what Pakistan in film need at the moment.

Essa ChaudhryEssa Chaudhary

Who is he? – Essa started his career with two theatrical mimes at Rafi Peer Annual Youth Festival. Later on he did a thesis short film called Khayali Palao and another short film which was made to be showcased at International Film Festivals called Akar Bakar. Later he did a Mobilink TVC, a TV Serial for PTV and a reality show on ARY by Nokia. Now this hottie will be seen in a lead character in Umair Fazli’s ‘Saya e Khuda e Zuljalal.’

Why we drool over him? -This cute dimple young boy is quite different from others. Where the others are busy being an SSG Commando, he will be the … ‘Chocolate Hero’ of Pakistani Film Industry! It is still to be seen how bright his talent skills will shine; but being a silent clown, a Lahori thug and a patriot is what I think is ‘versatility at its peak’! Make sure to keep a look out at this handsome young thing.

Waqar Ali KhanWiqar Ali Khan

Who is he?– Raised and educated in London, Wiqar started modelling in his late teens and became well known for his awesome looks and charming personality. Later this hunk tried his hand at VJing and filmmaking.

Khan by now has appeared in numerous commercials for top products and brands, most recently for Coke.

Wiqar will be now be seen in a lead character in Yasir Jaswal’s Jalaibee, hitting cinemas very soon this year!

Why we drool over him? –  Tall, dark and handsome … Ever heard of this expression? Of course you have and it perfectly fits this style icon entering the films. Picture perfect for gangster and romantic roles. Amazing height, dominating aura, talent to melt over and a smile to die for. What else do the filmmakers need? If I were you, I’d keep a look out at this hottie…

Ahmed Taha GhaniAhmad Taha Ghani

Who is he? – Ghani has done his Bachelor’s in Finance from Deakin University, Australia. His passion for working in the Showbiz won him many awards, love and fame. Ahmad started off as a singer/composer and has released quite a few amazing tracks. Now this hunk will be seen in a supporting character in Doc’s Yalghaar, and perhaps also in Ashir Azeem’s Maalik. His plans seem interesting too with a music album and a film of his own in the near future.

Why we drool over him? – The hunk has been acting since he was in the second grade and will surely be praised for his boy next door personality. With immense capacity to give as an actor, he could easily give many a run for their money! One thing for sure is that this star has a long way to go.

So here we end this Diva-Hunk series of articles and hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I did writing them. All the best, to you and to all the actor named in the series.


The writer Ahmad Sarym is twelve years old and runs online Showbiz Magazine named, Fizzzzz. Follow the magazine on Facebook here.




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