These videos of the songs “Selfiyaan” and “Kundi”from the film “Wrong Number” will make your day.

by Momin Ali Munshi

Its an exciting time for Pakistani Cinema as each day brings with itself new news from the ever growing galaxy that is our film fraternity. And today the Galaxy is filled with some “Wrong Number” madness  as two eagerly awaited videos from this eagerly anticipated film were made public on facebook. It is worth mentioning that the film also had its Press Event in Karachi today where lots of details about the film were shared. Galaxy Lollywood was at the event and will tell you all about the event  in an exclusive article which will soon be up. Till then lets talk about these two peppy numbers.

When the Wrong Number trailer was released a few days back it had generated unprecedented buzz and well we even claimed that this trailer broke the internet. And following up the makers have now released two videos from the film which are sure to grab quite a few eyeballs and be the talk of the town.

The first is the “Selfiyaan” song which has the ravishing beauty Sohai Ali Abro showing her latka jhatkas and boy has the girl got some moves. Check out the song here:-

And then the makers thought why not make things hotter and they also released this “Kundi” number where Sohai again gets a chance to show her dance moves. Check it out here:-

This cute actress has already won us over with her dance moves and we are sure that you will also be impressed. What are your views do let us know.

Stay tuned to Galaxy Lollywood for further updates.


  1. Momin, I would hardly expect someone like you to endorse crass lyrics with lines like “Phans gayi kundi darvaze ki.” If the film makers are being irresponsible and producing cheap lowbrow content in order to make quick bucks, you should have the responsibility and sense to highlight such content in the manner it deserves. Are we going back to the same era in 80s 90s and 2000s where film makers churned one low brow trash art piece after another, resulting in driving the audiences away from Pakistani content? I agree that Sohai has potential, but this movie is really going to ruin the hardwork and sacrifices put in by so many talented film makers in the last few years to bring Pakistani cinema to a position where audiences are willing to take a local production seriously and pay serious money to watch it too.

    • Well I am not endorsing the lyrics just reporting . Moreover the film has a very different target audience from what I can sense. The jokes and the humor in the trailer gave a very good idea of what to expect.

      But still, I strongly believe that Pakistan currently needs films that are full of color, life and entertainment. Social drama films are always welcome but we need masala flicks too. And wrong number seems just like that.

      As for the lyrics of the songs we’ll double meaning is present almost everywhere. Just google Indian songs and you will find the most responsible actors, singers, lyricists have been a part of such songs.

      Lastly it’s not what you and me want to see, it’s what the entire pakistani population wants to see and I guess this is what they want as is evident from the views and shares.

      • The film makers have a responsibility to groom audience tastes. The population had its way for a while, resulting in Maula Jatt and spate of Punjabi films being produced to cater to “awaami” tastes. It only ended up making a laughing stock out of the film industry and us as a nation, to an extent. The end result was, giving to base tastes, the wider audience was alienated even though watching a film in those times was relatively cheap. Pakistani content will only succeed if its able to differentiate itself from the trash bollywood produces — if the movies can do what the drama industry has done i.e. produce content that reflects Pak values, is socially relevant, and of course has entertainment value. Even if this film works, it will work against the industry as it compels film makers to think that cheap trash sells.

        And to justify double entendres by saying well, they do it to is not a very strong defense.

        • All Ill say is that I completely agree on the point that we need to have our own identity , but currently I believe most of the directors are making their first films and are experimenting. Nobody really knows what genre they will stick too and what our identity will be. Its an exciting time of experimentation. Give the industry a few years I say. The audiences are now smart enough and they know what they want. Believe me when I say that the films which are degrading in some way or are not up to mark, they will soon be kicked out from this emerging Industry 🙂

          By the way do you write somewhere?

  2. The audiences are smart indeed — which is why the film makers need to respect their intellect by not producing such drivel with “kundi’s” and “kapooray’s”. At this point in time, when the industry is at a crossroads and can morph into a setup that produces quality content that is intellectually superior to bollywood (as is the case with Pakistani dramas), as the audiences have given positive signals to some cerebral films, the makers have a HUGE responsibility to ensure that we don’t revert to the sad state where we came from.

  3. PakPhilmPhan

    Stop being so goody goody. It’s a perfectly innocent song on a fact of life caused by the lack of lubrication in the aforementioned kundi of the door. What is crass is your mind.


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