(GL Exclusive) Bajrangi Bhaijan is not releasing in Pakistan; Read the entire inside story.

by Momin Ali Munshi


Will he? or  Will he not? That is exactly the question which is on everyone’s mind. While there are those who are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the beloved “Bajrangi Bhaijan” there are others for whom this name is like a nightmare. The impending release of this Salman Khan starer is surely the hottest topic of discussion among the Pakistani public and even more so for the trade people for whom this film is like a sword hanging on their heads. There have been many reports as to the release status of the film but Galaxy Lollywood here brings you the super exclusive post which will expose the inside workings and will tell what’s really going on  behind the scenes and that why will the film SURELY NOT RELEASE in Pakistan.


021 bang bang


It is public knowledge that both “Bin Roye” and “Bajrangi Bhaijan” are being distributed in Pakistan by the same company i.e “Eveready pictures”. Last year something similar happened when “Distributors Club” was the company behind both “Bang Bang” and “021” and everyone knows that 021 suffered at the hand of the former. Jami Mahmood the director of the film has on record said that it was the distributors fault that O21 did not emerge as a box office success as the company was too busy promoting Bang Bang! But for the distributors it was obvious that 021 was not performing and to decrease their  loses they replaced the shows of 021 with Bang Bang. The industry learnt a lesson that never should a profit driven distributor release a local film and a Bollywood import on the same day. But then why is it happening this year?


High placed sources have revealed to Galaxy Lollywood that Eveready is merely the face while the money being invested is by HUM Films itself. According to our sources HUM has paid 6.8 crores to Eros International ( the international distributors of the film)to acquire the rights of the film “Bajrangi Bhaijan”.

Why would they do that you ask? Well everyone knows the fact that the film has a Pakistani element to it, which though not too strong is still present. In the  past we have seen that films like “Ek Tha Tiger” “Agent Vinod” “Haider” among others have failed to release in cinemas due to this very Pakistan connection. So HUM Films is riding on the fact that the film will get banned and hence will not be released in Pakistan. Had some other distributor acquired the rights they could have got the desired cuts and could have released the film but since HUM has the rights itself it will make sure the film gets banned.

But what about the 6.8 crores ? Well if a film gets banned in the importing country that means the company that imports the film is compensated and in our case they will get the first right of refusal for the upcoming Eros films i.e HUM Films will have the first right on the upcoming Eros films . Not a bad deal right? Your film gets a solo release and your money is safe as you get to release the next big Bollywood film.bin roye bajrangi But why doesn’t HUM Films release both Bajrangi and Bin Roye and make more money? Well anyone in their right mind knows that Bollywood and specially Salman Khan has a crazy fan following in Pakistan. If both the films happen to release everyone should know that Bin Roye will get sidelined and all the limelight will go to Bajrangi Bhaijan.

To get more information on the issue we decided to talk to some relevant parties to know their take on this inside story. HUM Films PR Manager Minhas completely denied any such reports and claimed ” Eveready is the one distributing the film Bajrangi Bhaijan and HUM Films has no link with that film. The only film we at HUM Films have distributed till date is last years Na Maloom Afraad where we did partner with Eveready but there is nothing more to the story than that”

HUM Films president Badar Ikram on the same issue says ” “This is not the case. The release of Bajrangi Bhaijaan will proceed as planned and the movie is going to release on Eid-ul-Fitr.” (Tribune)

Eveready Pictures representative reportedly (Tribune) has said  “The film is set to release on Eid and this is 102 percent confirmed. There are no objections in the film and we are confident that it will make it to the cinemas with Bin Roye and other films.”

We talked to some trade insiders to know their take on the release. Muhammad Ehtisham Senior Manager Operations at Summit Entertainment said ” Well there are different stories emerging as to the Bajrangi Bhaijan release but all I want to say is that the audiences should be given the power  to chose what they want to see. We should not decide that for them. I say Bajrangi Bhaijan should release and there should be competition”

Mohsin Yaseen General Manger Marketing and Operations at Cinepax says ” Bajrangi should surely release in Pakistan given that the content is not offensive. Moreover, I would like to request all Pakistani movie producer that please do not compete with each other for the release dates, plan your release in such a way that every local movie gets minimum four weeks release window. This way if we have eight to ten Pakistani movies releasing in a year, each will get there due share of screen time”

Moreover we decided to talk to Yasir Nawaz the director of the film “Wrong Number” to see whats his take on the story but a look at  his facebook status gave us the answer.



Basically the director does not want the Bollywood film to release in Pakistan and is urging the viewers to stay away from such content.

Well what actually happens on Eid only time will tell as you never know what fate has in store for you. But from what we have been told we can safely assure you that Bajrangi Bhaijan will not be coming to Pakistan this Eid and that the  Bin Roye team and the Wrong Number team can all breathe a sigh of relief. Whats your take on this story readers?Should Bajrangi Bhaijan release in Pakistan or not? Let us know in the comments section.




  1. What a complete non-news Momin — who cares if Bhajrangi Bhaijaan or whatever manages a release or not? I am taking my entire gang to watch Mahira anyway.

  2. BB should not release in Pakistan because it will affect the business of Pakistani films, not much but it will have some share at the box office so why not that share will be given to local films

    • Oh that doesn’t matter. If I only go to cinema for Salman’s movies. If BB is not coming I am not going. Does it affect business of Pakistani movies?? That share is not going to local films.

  3. Bilkul B Nahi ….Hamare Channel waha band hai….Bollywood movies ko agr dekna dvd per deko net say download karo….mobile main deko….cinemas jane ki zaroorat kia hai….

  4. Agr bb release huwi to 10 crore bilkul zaya hongay…..is say acha hai…ye 10 crore in dono movies k producers ko mile…..

  5. Don’t u scare of BB. Always you will hide from others kya, start competing, there r many more films which will clash, let me tell you now Raees is releasing with some other Pakistan movie will you stop that movie, plz stop blaming and start competing……………. with due respect even we love Pakistan……..

  6. Well. I m pretty much sure that this Bajrangi thing will be having sugar coated slaps on the face of Pakistan. The sad thing is that Pakistanis(mostly) don tcare and prefer to be entertained by Bollywood in the name of healthy competition. See the incident of DHA Cinema in ABCD2 screening. We should have self respect and dignity. Watch quality content . And what i know the history Sallu’s films are never brainy or classic. They are always utter trash. Love urself. Love Pakistan. Definitely i will go for wrong number and bin roye. Fingers crossed.

    • Good point! Too bad a lot of people in the media are ready to jump onto the promote bollywood bandwagon to promote themselves 🙂


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