Did Lollywood Diva Noor just get married for the fourth time?

by Momin Ali Munshi

If reports are to be believed then yes this Lollywood diva recently got hitched for the fourth time. Ever since the shooting of her comeback film “Ishq Positive”  started there were always one rumor or the other of the closeness the leading couple shared. Well looks like they were not  just rumors because if a leading Urdu Daily is to be believed then Noor has actually married her “Ishq Positive” co-star Wali Khan. But before we get to Wali let us tell you a bit  about the other men in Noor’s life.

ishq positive

Here is a brief account of all the men in Noor’s life:-

In 2008 Noor married businessman Vikram and settle with him in Dubai. Yes, this is the same guy who caused quite a stir on the Nadia Khan Show back in the day and it was this episode that ended Nadia Khan’s illustrious career.

In 2010 she divorced Vikram and married famous director/producer Farooq Mengal, who by the way is coming up with his latest film Hijrat really soon. Sadly this marriage did not last long either and they were divorced in just four months.

In 2012 Noor got married to the father of two sons Mr. Awn Chaudhry. This marriage also led to Noor giving birth to her very own daughter. However this marriage could not last long either and a divorce was just waiting to happen.

2013/2014 was the time when Noor started working on her comeback film “Ishq Positive” where she stars opposite Wali Khan who is the son of famous singer Hamid Ali Khan. Both these costars came closer during the shooting of the film and if reports are to be believed they secretly got married a few months back. Now we dont know whether this is real or just a publicity gimmick for the upcoming film. But we do hope that Noor finally finds love in her husband.

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