This Dekh Magar Pyaar Say teaser is like a cheesy music video meets a lawn campaign

by Momin Ali Munshi

It was without a doubt one of the most eagerly awaited teasers of the year. And why not? For it was not only bringing back the gorgeous Humaima Malick back to the local screens but it also marked the debut of the hot restaurateur who happens to be the grandson of the legendary singer Noor Jehan. Hopes were set high and anticipation levels were touching the roof as the clock struck 11 and the teaser was finally made public. But what followed, although did manage to “tease” the audience, but was highly unimpressive and served as  a lackluster first look for one of the most eagerly awaited films.

Although as per the norms this was not far from what a teaser should be like but for me it failed to hit the mark. It builds buzz, has clips from the movie, there is a mystery around the film but still it looks more like a bad combination of a lawn campaign and a music video. Yes the cinematography of the teaser is surely omething worth discussing as Asad knows how to capture beautiful shots. Moreover Lahore looks very picturesque in the little clips the trailer shows of it. Hopefully the trailer, which is going to release really soon, will paint a better picture of the film. However till then you go check out the teaser and let us know what you thought of it in the comments section.


  1. Hero ki kahani kuch teak lag rahi liken humaima bilkul teak nahi lag rahi hai….jese drama main commercial break ata hai wese malik b ….

  2. Yes Momin, it doesn’t feature a bollywood khan fighting a million people and speaking the mumbai tapori lingo, yes it doesn’t feature the street thug culture and crass comedy, the trailer is classy and offers a vignette into what is going to be an avant garde. Sorry, it isn’t really for everyone. People like you are going to find fault in anything decent they do around here till its endorsed either by bollywood or some foreign audience. Pakistani pop 15 years ago sounded like what bollywood music sounds like now yet it was shunned from the mainstream cinema and labelled as “pop”. Same applies to film making styles, we need to be open to more experimentation and variation rather than just cynically retorting with comments like “lawn commercial” etc. Sounds like someone needs to get off their dabbangs and razias.

  3. Seeing comments like yours on a “teaser trailer'” tells the story either you have too much time on your hand no one citics a “teaser trailer” I think your time would be more well spent if you list the obstacles Pakistani Film Industry faces trying to make a film. The lack of equipment, funding, marketing, distribution, technical shools, trained in makeup, artistic building , location management & film media destribution yet you muster the time with …cheesy music…& lawn campaign?

    • Well for a industry where in the first half of the year only four films hit the cinemas I guess I surely have all the time on my hands to scrutinize each film. Although there are loads of upcoming films but still we at Galaxy Lollywood have all the time on our hands to analyze them in great detail. Moreover when the project is something as exciting as “Dekh Magar Pyaar Say” I guess a teaser trailer deserves aa much attention as maybe a proper trailer of another film.

    • Why talk about “problems”? Those who are making movies don’t seem to be encountering much. If you want to watch problems, turn on a news channel. Let this blog be r eserved for entertainment. And Momin, you need to stop assessing each film through the prism of India/bollywood.

  4. Only ‘morons’ dont want to talk about problems/issues that hinder our film industry the lack of knowledge by people who think news channels will address problems on our film industry is staggering I guess that speaks volumes to how low our education standards have reached. So whose falut is it that only 4 films are released? do you Mr Momin Ali Munshi have the any clue what it takes to release a film if you have so much time then your employers at GL need to investigate that! I guess the new low standard of jounalism at GL is that if no news is happening in the media then GL will allow its low medium employees to fill the pages with crap?Stop wasting our time find something constructive to do !

    • Firstly here at GL we don’t have any employees. It’s just a bunch of excited, passionate people who want to see the local film industry grow and hence in addition to fulfilling the requirements of our hectic academic lives we take out time to write here. If you don’t agree with what I say great, but do not make this a personal war. I write what I thought was report worthy and there is that.

    • Film making is a challenging, resource intensive profession the world over and releasing a film is always impossible for total newcomers although in Pakistan film makers have fared MUCH better — movies like Josh, Syaah, Maya Shah, Dukhtar and Tammana all made by first timers — that have seen light of the day here, whereas in the UK/US they wouldnt even get a single screen release given their budgets and overall lack of hype in the press and the fact that these movies are made by non-industry rookies. Get over your misery and support the amazing new productions coming your way by paying to watch them.


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