Bajrangi Bhaijaan gets censored! Yes, the Bhaijaan will be coming to Pakistan this Eid.

Yes you read that right!

While Salman Khan fans can rejoice as they will get a chance to see their beloved ‘bhaijaan’ in Pakistani cinemas the makers of “Bin Roye” and “Wrong Number” need to up their game now.

Earlier our sources revealed that “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” would not release in cinemas but then apparently some hush hush meetings took place as reported but an Urdu daily and well the result is for all to see . The film was presented to the Islamabad censor yesterday and the film has received its censor certificate. This means that the film will release in Islamabad for sure. The Lahore and Karachi censors are yet to take place but it’s expected that the film will also be passed by these censors. It is worth mentioning that, although rare, it is a possibility that while one censor gives the film a go the other two censors might not but for as a film as huge as Bajrangi Bhaijaan it will either release all over Pakistan or will completely not release.

We talked to Momina Duraid of Bin Roye and she thinks that everyone should be given a fair chance and that the playing field should be leveled. She said “Although I think Bajrangi should release in Pakistan but the cinema owners should give equal space to all the films”.

Only time will tell what tricks the cinema owners have up their sleeves. We wish the makers of  Bin Roye and Wrong Number all the best and wish these Eid brings lots of box-office success for the local film-makers.


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