While Bajrangi Bhaijaan is all set to release in Pakistan; Bin Roye gets banned in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

‘Bin Roye’ was all set to create history and be the first  Pakistani film to simultaneously release in India as well as in a dozen other countries. Although this international release in itself was a huge accomplishment but the Indian release was definitely the most talked about region where ‘Bin Roye’ would spread its love.However things have taken a wrong turn as news has it that the Indian state of Maharashtra has banned the film and the film will not be releasing in the state.

Its interesting that Bollywood films have been releasing in Pakistan for years now and even   ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ is releasing in Pakistan this friday but a Pakistani film gets banned in an Indian state and that too for just being Pakistani!

Well it is safe to say that the Indian dreams for ‘Bin Roye’ are surely crushed as the film is not releasing in the second-most populous sub national entity of India which includes the Bollywood headquarter Mumbai.

As India today writes “This decision was taken by B4U Films following threats by Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS). The film wing of the MNS had threatened to vandalize the theatres if B4U decided to screen the movie in the state.”The reason given by the MNS was that ” Pakistan has been sponsoring terror attacks on the country particularly in Maharashtra. MNS also pointed out that the Jawans were being killed on the border.”

The film was scheduled to release on July 18 but since B4U has given in to the threats the film will not be screened in Maharashtra. Although the fate of the film for other states is yet to be determined but it would not be wrong to assume that the film might just not release in India at all.

Nadeem H Mandviwalla of Mandviwalla Entertainment took it to facebook to reveal his stance on the issue:

“I feel that the process which we have fought for allowing Indian Films in Pakistan legitimately is now being jeopardised by Indian States themselves. The repercussions of such acts can become detrimental for both film Industries. It’s a sad day today as Maharashtra State has given reason to start the debate once again which lasted for more than 40 years. (1965 to 2006).”

Moreover he also added that the film will release in all the other states of India despite the fact that the Maharashtra region has banned the film just because its Pakistani. What really happens only time will tell. You stay tuned to Galaxy Lollywod for all the updates



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