By: Ibrahim Qutab

‘Swaarangi’ the Resham starer has been in the news nowadays. Earlier we told you the release date of the film to be 28th August but two days before the release, the PR of the film emailed that said,”Swaarangi Release Delayed-Film to release on September 11″. Not only that, the email also stated the reason of delay, which was

“Release date of the film has been changed as a gesture to support Pakistani movies already running in cinema. There are limited number of screens in Pakistan at the moment”

Little did we know the real story behind the delay i.e. Swaarangi got banned by the Censor Board of Pakistan. The news broke out on social media and it spread like fire. Resham’s come back film got banned was the topic of discussion. The film had been banned because

“for representing an ‘inappropriate’ image of Pakistan”

In reply to that the team responded with statements that said that Swaarangi has been shot in Pakistan and is based on social issues that do exist in the country. They also said that Swaarangi is a message oriented film.

GalaxyLollywood Excusive: Thats not all. Mazhar Abbas, the producer of the film, while speaking to GL Editor Momin Ali Munshi, exclusively revealed  that Swaarangi has been passed by Punjab Censor Board that too with zero cuts. Yes, Swaarangi will be releasing all over Punjab. It has been given the green signal and Resham fans in Punjab will surely get to see her on silver screen again. As for Sindh, the film is yet to be censored but Mazhar is fairly certain that the response will be positive.

What’s confusing is that the film has been complely banned in the Islamabad Capital Territory and cantonments while has been passed without a single cut in Punjab?

What do you fans have to say ahout this news?



  1. Well it explains the difference between thinking of our civil military leadership. Mubashir Ahmed, CBFC head, have told media earlier that they seek guidance from agencies when needed (Bajrangi Bhaijan is latest example). So it is time for us to march out of cantonment areas and watch this in other theaters of city. Citizens of Islamabad can watch this in rwp.

  2. The film has a stellar soundtrack. Not sure about the production values or writing….but would have definitely liked to check it out simply because each of the three featured tracks are brilliant in their own right. Please share a list of theaters where this movie is being screened.


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