Shoaib Mansoor eyeing ‘Bebo’ for his next

Shoaib Mansoor after his last cinema release back in 2011 (Bol), has probably lived the trademark long interval he takes before starting up every new project. And well, since it’s time, the pot has been whistling us of what’s been cooking inside.

As per the reports of Indian daily, Mumbai Mirror, Shoaib Mansoor has offered Kareena Kapoor his next project after the actress, a few weeks back, showed interest in working with him.

“I really want to work with him, he has made some fantastic content driven films and is a wonderful filmmaker,” the actress said about Mansoor.

Well, it’s more of a ‘chicken and egg’ mystery to what came first, the offer by Mansoor or the message by Bebo, but one could speculate a little of what’s been cooking inside after her statement in the interview.

Seems like Shoaib Mansoor called it a ‘message well received,’ took a flight to India and offered the actress a role in his next.

Speculations can also be made on what is actually Shoaib Mansoor’s next. Well, you would be an informed fan if you have been an avid Galaxy Lollywood reader, as back in early 2012, we reported that Shoaib Mansoor is planning a yet another socio-political feature, this time subjecting the ever strained political relations between Pakistan and India.

This is what he said in an interview about his next, “I’ve been deeply troubled by the deteriorating relations between the two countries. For too long now we’ve been blaming extraneous forces and a third-party for the decline in friendship between the two nations. Why not look within ourselves for reasons why the bonding across the border has taken such a beating?”

Talking further about his Indo-Pak project, he said, “It cannot be a superficial boy-meets-girl-across-the-barbed-wire-fence story. Cinema in both countries needs to go deeper to pin down the reasons for the rapidly deteriorating relations between India and Pakistan.”

Well, Mansoor’s comments about the cross border relations cannot be more apt even today after two years. Things have only taken a nosedive. Thus, our best bet on this being the subject of his next feature. And if Kareena news actually materialises, it would truly give an image to Mansoor’s message, apart from of course the film being one giant blockbuster success.

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