Sabeeka Imam Takes Over Mehreen Syed’s Snapchat!

Not many Pakistani actors and actresses interact with their fans. A good number does it on Instagram and a very few ‘official‘ pages exist on Facebook but the stars themselves don’t handle these pages (sad, I know). ¬†Although, a few of the stars use Snapchat to interact with their fans. Snapchat is a photo/video sharing app which is instant, transparent and easy to use. These ‘a few‘ stars that do use Snapchat include Ali Safina, Hira Tareen, Mehreen Syed, Mooroo, Alyzeh Gabol, Amna Baber and a couple more.

IMG_2127Mehreen Syed, the super model, is someone who actively uses Snapchat and shares almost everything. From the first steps of her daughter to Ather Shehzad doing her make-up, everything. Recently, she performed Hajj and she even shared that experience.

Yesterday, Sabeeka Imam took over Mehreen Syed’s Snapchat. She not only went on to say whose her ‘Best Friend‘ but also whose giving who business tips. There is not only Mehreen and Sabeeka in this Snap but the hairstylist Aamir Naveed is in it too. Follow Mehreen Syed on snapchat, her username is: @mehreensyed

Heres a compilation of what Sabeeka posted.

Here are some photo snaps as well, don’t forget to follow Mehreen Syed on Snapchat.

IMG_3296 IMG_3297IMG_3306 (1)



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