Ho Mann Jahaan: A story of youth, their issues and celebrations

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“It’s really difficult to limit and define Ho Mann Jahaan in just one word or a sentence since we have touched on a variety of subjects in it, but if I would still really have to do it then I would say it’s a story of youth, their joys, their sorrows, issues, worries and celebrations,” said the director of Ho Mann Jahaan, Asim Raza, replying to a Galaxy Lollywood question regarding how would he define the film in terms of its genre.

Commenting further on the same question, Asim said, “but then again connected to them [youth] it is as much of a story of their parents too, so in a very significant way it also goes to generations. So yes it’s a film for youth, but anyone who is connected to them will also be able to relate to it.”

Asim expressed this opinion at the celebrity studded trailer launch of Ho Mann Jahaan yesterday at the Cinepax Cinema Oceans Tower, Karachi.


Attended by the lead cast of the film, including the ever gorgeous Mahira Khan, and the hunks Shehryar Munawar Siddiqui and Adeel Hussain; a lot of other celebrities graced the event as well, including, Humayun Saeed, Yasir Hussain, Bilal Ashraf, Umer Sayeed, Feesha Jamshed, Fakhir, Jimmy Khan, and cast members, Nimra Bucha, Ahmed Ali, Arshad Mahmood, Munawar Siddiqui and many others.

Also present at the event were Founder and CEO ARY Group, Salman Iqbal and CEO ARY Digital Network, Jerjees Seja.

ARY Founder & CEO, Salman Iqbal, speaking at the occasion.
ARY Founder & CEO, Salman Iqbal, speaking at the occasion. Source: Press Release

Salman Iqbal while expressing his views on the film said, “It’s amazing to see Pakistan film industry’s transformation from its state where there were no films to exhibit at cinema screens a few years back to the current scenario where there are just too many to handle. Ho Mann Jahaan was supposed to release earlier but since there were so many other films in pipeline, we had to painfully delay its much awaited release till January 1, 2016.”

He further said that, “time will claim and Ho Mann Jahaan will become another feather in ARY Films’ hat after Waar and Jawani Phir Nahi Aani.”

Mahira, although remained quiet for the dominant part of the event, but when asked by one of the attendants about who did she enjoy most working with amongst her two co-stars; Shehryar and Adeel, she said, “It would be difficult to pick one since both belong to entirely different classes of actors, but when I had scenes with Adeel I knew I would have to be extremely serious to match his level of seriousness for that particular scene, with Shehryar on the other hand, it was more of a free ride and we both experimented a lot in terms of acting.”

The event was not only about the trailer preview and a Q&A session with the film gang, but a ‘behind the scenes’ video was run too, giving also a glimpse of Fawad Khan talking about his cameo role in the film and conveying his best wishes to it.

Shehryar while expressing his views as also the co-producer of the film said, ‘we haven’t tried to build a Taj Mehal in a five rupee budget. We had what we had, and we understood our limitations, but we have tried to give a very contemporary film with a great story and music that people would be able to relate to.”

The film along with big names in cast also hosts a great line-up of musicians lending vocals to a very fresh sounding film soundtrack. It includes tracks by, Atif Aslam, Jimmy Khan, Zeb Bangash, Asrar, Mai Dhai, Tina Sani, Abu Mohammed & Fareed Ayaz, and even Zoheb Hassan. The music is produced by Fakhir Mehmood and Ehtisham Mallick.

Well, while there still remains some time for the film to finally hit cinemas, you can, for now, enjoy the mild, yet a very colourful, peppy trailer of the film below.

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  1. Pakistani film’s are definitely improving. We must understand soft power making film’s that show the real Pakistan. Time to permanently get rid of the Sultan Rahi type embarrassment and poorly processed rubbish that only gave us a bad reputation. In the 1960’a and 1970’s we produced many quality film’s. Pakistan must continue from those days, no need to look at Bollywood when we are bursting with talent ourselves. If our drama’s are brilliant then our cinema can be that as well.


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